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兩老人家 去澳洲及新西蘭探親及遊玩,要帶多少澳元及紐元去好呢?機票及住宿除外.主要是日常零用的,食東西及購物的. 兩老是節檢的人,不會太花費的.

請指點下吧. Thx.

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    i'm not sure how much u'll spend in aust.. (cos i never living there)

    When they arrive in NZ.. I'll suggest spend NZ$20 for internation per-paid ph card (NZ$20 card should be enough to call back HK for 5hrs if they need help they can contact HK family)

    $30-$60 per day for foods (unless they only eat pie, bread n milk then wil be $5-$8 per meal)

    1 day sight seeing tour from NZ$15-$30 per person (depend which city and how long for the trip)

    shopping depends what they want to buy = =" from cheap NZ$1 (postcard) to NZ local jewelly or handcraft etc...

    better keep NZ$500 for emergency $$

    although sounds a lot of $$ but if they don't use $$ can bring back to HK to exchange.. better then when they need to spend found out not enough can't enough the trip

    Source(s): living in NZ
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