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Todd: Out I say out!!

Lovett: All this running and shouting about what's happened?

Todd: No I had him!

His throat was there beneath my hand.

I had swear I had him!

His throat was there and now he'll never come again.

Mrs. Lovett: Easy now, hush love hush

I keep telling you -

Todd: When? Why do I wait?

You told me to wait -

Now he'll never come again.

There's a hole in the world like a great black pit

And it's filled with people who are filled with shit

And the vermin of the world inhabit it.

But not for long...

They all deserve to die.

Tell you why, Mrs. Lovett, tell you why.

Because in all of the whole human race

Mrs Lovett, there are two kinds of men and only two

There's the one they put in his proper place

And the one with his foot in the other one's face

Look at me, Mrs Lovett, look at you.

Now we all deserve to die

Even you Mrs. Lovett...even I

Because the lives of the wicked should be made brief

For the rest of us death will be a relief

We all deserve to die.

And I'll never see Joanna

No I'll never hold my girl to me - finished!

(shouted) Alright! You sir, you sir, how about a shave?

Come and visit your good friend Sweeney.

You sir, you sir? Welcome to the grave.

I will have vengenance.

I will have salvation.

(shouted) Who sir, you sir?

No one in the chair, come on! Come on!

Sweeney's waiting. I want you bleeders.

You sir - anybody.

Gentlemen don't be shy!

Not one man, no, no ten men.

Not a hundred can assuage me -

I will have you!

And I will get him back even as he gloats

In the meantime I'll practice on dishonorable throats.

And my Lucy lies in ashes

And I'll never see my girl again.

But the work waits!

I'm alive at last!

And I'm full of joy!


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  • 1 decade ago
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    陶德:不,我逮到他了!他的喉嚨就在我手下。我發誓我抓到他了! 他的喉嚨就在那,而現在他再也不會來了。

    拉法特太太:好了,小聲點,親愛的,別叫,我一直跟你說 ﹣

    陶德:什麼時候說過?我為什麼要等?你叫我等 ﹣現在他再也不會來了。


    他們都該死。告訴你為什麼, 拉法特太太,我告訴你為什麼。因為所有人類中, 拉法特太太,只有兩種人,就兩種。一種人他們有分寸,還有一種人腳踩在別人臉上。看看我, 拉法特太太,看看你自己。

    現在我們都該死了。 甚至你,拉法特太太...甚至我。因為陰毒的人應當早夭。對其餘的我們而言,死是一種解脫。我們都該死。

    我再也見不到Joanna了。不。我再也不能擁抱著我的女兒了 ﹣完啦!(大聲叫)好啊!先生你, 先生你,來括個臉怎麼樣?過來拜訪你的好朋友史溫尼。 先生你, 先生你?歡迎你到墳墓來。

    我有仇要報。我會得救。(大聲叫道)那一位,先生, 你,先生?沒人坐在椅子上,來吧!來吧!史溫尼在等著呢。我需要你們這些括臉會流血的。 你,先生 ﹣隨便那一個。 先生們不要害羞嘛!

    一個人不成,不, 十個人不成。即使一百個人也解決不了我的苦痛 ﹣我總會得到你們!就是他行,我還是要把他弄回來。而暫時我用不誠實的喉嚨練習。我的露西躺在灰燼裡。我再也見不到我的女孩了。不過工作能等著!最後我會活著!而且我會充滿快樂!

    Source(s): 自己,居美多年
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  • 1 decade ago




    謝謝你 但是你翻譯有誤喔!

    P.S史威尼陶德 不是史溫尼喔~

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  • 1 decade ago


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