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    M: Oh! Hi, Dave, Long time no see.

    D: Hi, Maria, I was in the neighborhood so I thought I’d drop by

    M: Come on in.

    D: Thanks,

    M: Take a seat. Would you like anything to drink? I have sprite or orange juice.

    D: Sprite would be fine. Huh, so how have you been?

    M: Oh, not bad, and you?

    D: Huh, I am doing OK. School has been really hacked it (??) these days. I haven’t have time to relax.

    M: By the way, what’s your major anyway?

    D: Hotel management.

    M: Well, what do you want to do once you graduate?

    D: Huh, I haven’t decided for sure, but I think I’d like to work for a hotel or a travel agency in this area. How about you?

    M: Well, when I first started college, I wanted to major in French, but I realized I might have a hard time finding a job using the language. So, I changed major to computer science.

    D: Oh!

    M: With the right skill, landing a job in the computer industry should be as difficult.

    D: So, do you have a part time job to support yourself through school?

    M: Well, fortunately for me, I received a four-year academic scholarship (Wow) that pays for all of my tuition and books.

    D: Wow, that’s great.

    M: You hack! (??) How about you? Are you working your way through school?

    D: Yeah, I work three times a week at a restaurant near campus.

    M: Woh, what do you do there?

    D: I am a cook.

    M: How do you like your job?

    D: It’s OK. The other works are friendly, and the pay isn’t bad.

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