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I have the new slim psp and i downloaded cras bandicoot (psx)and added it but it says copyright is invalid...?

This is a EBOOT.PBP file which i added in psp/game/psp-dev and it read it but a screen comes up and it says copyright protection is invalid...What do i do? A friend said that i have to put costom firmware... Can someone help me???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes, ur friend is correct. the only way to play a game that has been downloaded and put on a psp is to have custom firmware (cfw). CFW is the same as regular firmware, but it releases the security setting sony put inside of the psp. Just incase u want to know how to put custom firmware on ur psp, this is the only way to do it if u don't already have a haked psp.

    Here is a video on how to put custom firmware on ur psp so that you can play ur iso's (Video1.)

    When ur done with the video, then you can make a folder on the root of ur memory stick called ISO, in capital letters and put the iso folders in there.

    Here is a site where you can get iso's (Site1.) Here is another site where you can get homebrew like nintendo emulators(Site 2 and roms (Site 3) or (Site 4) for both emulators and Roms. You have to put the emulator in the PSP>GAME folder and inside of that emulator there will be a folder called ROMS, that is where u put the roms. If you have any questions, leave a comment on the video and I will reply to it.

    Goodluck :)





    Site 4:

    Note: You will need an extra battery with this process because once you do this to ur battery, it becomes a permanent hacking tool. Also, when you are doing this on a Vista operating system, you need to run everything as administrator. To do this, right click on whatever you are going to open and click on ‘Run as Administrator’. Also, when you format the memory stick, it may have to be done on windows XP, cause most of the time, windows Vista has problems.

  • 5 years ago

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