Socks with ballet flats?

I bought two pair of ballet flast today because they were pretty comfy :)

The first pair is like this:

Only they are blue. The second pair are black leather and strap up diagonal style, kinda like a real ballet shoe (I couldn't find a picture)

Can I wear socks with these? Or do people usually go bare foot? How do you prevent blisters then?


They are kinda like this, only without the strip of suede or whatever--it is solid black leather.

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    I wear cute flats alllllll the time, they're my favourite kind of shoes :D But I would never wear socks with them, it's like wearing socks with sandals. What you should do is just wear them for short periods of time to get your feet used to them. If you reallllllllllllly have to wear socks with them, you can buy really small skin coloured socks or stockings that kind of go in the shape of the shoe, but still it looks kinda tacky coz you can always tell.

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    Hm. I think it might look a little weird to wear a sock with a ballet flat, unless it is the same shade (or close to) the flat itself possibly. You don't say whether you wish to do this with a short skirt or pants...But I think I would buy the transparent bandaids before I would wear socks with my flats. Grace

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    My ex-girl used to wear ankle socks therefore you wouldn't be able to see them and they would prevent the blisters.

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    I would not wear socks unless they are like dress socks, like knee highs or something like that

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    if i'm wearing long pants, i wear socks with my cloth flats. if i'm wearing capris or shorts i go without them. but if they're not tight or cloth (or both!) you shouldn't have to worry about blisters.

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    okay most people wear no socks but i wear socks youcant see! go to wal mart and you can get them!

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    Try wearing skin colored socks...

    or white.

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    you arent supposted to wear socks

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    no socks please!!!! its like wearing socks with sandles. you should break them in by wearing them for short periods of time.

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