On a fishing reel it says line capacity:Yds-lbs. What does that mean???

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im new to fishing and on a fishing reel it says line capacity:Yds-lbs. What does that mean??? does that mean the maximum pound of a fish a line could handle??? and it also says ...show more
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Yds= the amount of line the reel should be filled with when filled with the number next to lbs.
So if your reel says yds 100 lbs.12. it means it can hold 100 yards of 12 lb. test line

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  • reeldealer answered 6 years ago
    The lb test is a measure of the amount of weight the line can withstand before breaking. Often fish are caught that are much heavier than the line's "lb test" rating. Skillful handling and a properly set drag can land fish that might easily break a line over-taxed by an inexperienced angler. Heaviest test is not always best. What you choose should be determined by things such as what you're fishing for, weight of the lure/bait, type of rod & reel you will use, line characteristics, etc.
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  • John S answered 6 years ago
    It means the length of line which can be loaded onto the reel, if you overload the reel then you will end up with a lot of tangles and loops in the line. In the 'M-mm' bit, M means the length of the line in metres and mm means the diameter of the line itself.
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  • sscottyonthrks answered 6 years ago
    The reel will hold only so many yards of line for the stated lb test because different lb test fishing line are all different diameters so a reel will hold more yards of a thinner diam. line than it would a thicker diam. line. M is Meters mm is millimeters
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  • AIRFLOW answered 6 years ago
    Simple its the amount of a lb test line the reel can hold in yards eg 150yards of 12lb test.
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  • Rick H answered 6 years ago
    It is telling you that the reel will hold a certain length of line based on the lb test of line you are using.
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  • gimmenamenow answered 6 years ago
    Of course if you're using fancy line, there's 20 lb. test that measures at 12 or lower, so some lines you will be able to fit more of on your reel... don't overfill or you'll birdnest bad.
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