Is Great Britain still a powerful country?

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    GB is not as powerful as they use to be after World War II. I believe they are ranked one of the top ten most powerful country.

    In the past, the term great power was mostly restricted to powers within Europe (see history above). Ever since the term was first academically used in 1815, numerous powers have rotated between the status of Great power, middle power and superpower. These are listed below. Major power shifts occurred in the aftermath of the First and Second World Wars. Both Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire collapsed after the first world war; after the second, the United States and the Soviet Union emerged as the only two superpowers.

    After the second world war, the European powers of the United Kingdom, France and Germany managed to rebuild their economies, and China had built up to Great power status during the post-war period, with large growths in economic and military power. Germany is considered by experts to be an economic power.[29][30], and by chancellor Angela Merkel[31], former president Johannes Rau[32] and leading media of the country[33] as a middle power in Europe. In addition, in Asia, Japan is considered by many to be a great power, and by experts as an economic power like Germany. After the dissolution of the USSR, the newly formed Russian Federation emerged on the level of a Great power, leaving the United States as the sole superpower. India is thought to be a emerging great power.

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    Well, they have a Navy and troopers...but they are just an island nation. They use to be a great empire, but they gave that over to multi-nationalism...which resulted in more Muslims moving they are demanding Sharia law.

    They invested in socialized medicine and its breaking thier bank. Unfortunately the American credit / lending crises has also taken its toll on thier economy.

    Still a super power ? I'd say they are a decent ally, the founding fathers for our basic set of beliefs that created this country, but no longer super.

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    we are not a 'super' power any more gone are the day sof owning most the world...But we are still a great ally to many a land including the US and we have a lot of sway in foriegn affairs. we have reduced in size but still as the coins say stay standing on the shoulders of giants

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    Interesting that you write the question in their (and our) language.

    My late Grandmother was English and she used to say " when they tell you that the Empire is dead, ask them in what language they bring the news!"

    All the Nations which were colonized by the British are 1st World...not one third world cess pit among them.

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