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50 years of progress down the drain in 3 minutes?

Do you think that the Rev Wright thing has undone a lot of racial progress Americans have made in living together?

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    No. I am white. The man is not a racist. White people living with underlying suspicions and fears about black people will be "offended" by this. Read half the posts by people saying how awful Wright is. At least half of them contain sentiments much more racist than things he said.

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    All humans - according to biology- are from the same ancestors. We are all one. If we could accept this racial issues would become nonexistent


    July 18, 2007 — Twenty years after it was popularized, the "Out of Africa" theory, which posits that modern humans originally came from Africa before spreading out in a global conquest, has received an emphatic boost, scientists said on Wednesday.

    The "Out of Africa" scenario has been underpinned since 1987 by genetic studies based mainly on the rate of mutations in mitochondrial DNA, a genetic material inherited from the maternal line of ancestry.

    They found that the farther a population is from Africa, the less genetic diversity that population has.

    This was the result of a "bottleneck," or interbreeding among a smaller gene pool that occurred when migrating populations were temporarily reduced by war, disease or some other catastrophe.

    The loss in genetic diversity was mirrored by a corresponding loss in diversity of skull characteristics.

    The team tested the "multiple origins" theory on these two tools, and found "this just did not work," said fellow researcher Francois Balloux.

    In 2000, Swedish research based on the molecular clock estimated that H. sapiens sapiens emerged about 121,500 to 221,500 years ago, and the migration out of Africa was about 52,000 years ago, give or take 27,500 years.

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    No I do not believe so. It is just Rev Wright who may be seen in a different "light", not the entire population of the black people. Just because Rev Wright spouts his hatred, this is just one Church. I do not believe the progress has diminished one iota because of this. I do, however, question those who attend his Church faithfully. If it were myself, I would have walked out the very first time I heard hatred me this is not Christian in any way, shape or form. I also do not believe Obama is the person he is trying to portray, especially now. He was a faithful attendee of this Church for 20 years. I believe in those 20 years he has heard a lot of hatred speech from this Rev. He has also stated that he had/has confided in this Rev before making final decisions. That scares the heck out of me, and it should everyone else also.

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    The fact is, there will always be people racist against whites, and there will always be people racist against blacks. Same thing about sexism. However, America itself has made several improvements in terms of racism and sexism, and shall continue to do so for as their is still good left in this world. I am not voting for a male or a female, a white or a black, I am voting for a person who I happen to agree with most.

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    As a NYer and an American I am appauled. He disgraced the memory of every person who died on 9/11, every person who lost someone on 9/11, every citizen of NY, every person who worked at the Pentagon and every hero who came from near and far to help us in our time of need.

    But MUCH more than that, he disgraced the memory of every person who was killed in their sleep at Pearl Harbor. THAT is the reason we bombed Hiroshima and we had every right to retaliate for what JAPAN started. I don't know a single person from WW2 who had any problem with what we did. It saved maybe thousands and thousands of American lives fighting that war.

    Mr. Barak Hussain Obama as a person born in the state of Hawaii should know that. Or isn't that what they taught him in school in Indonesia? That is what they taught me here in school in the good old US of A. God BLESS America.

    Sorry Paster Wrong and Barak Hussain Obama - you are haters and liars.

    Barak give back every campaign dollar to every citizen in this country whose opinion of you has changed now that the truth be told. When you buy something and it isn't what you wanted or expected, you deserve your money back.

    If you donated to his campaign and are an AMERICAN ask for a refund. Break him by taking back your money and leaving his campaign broke.


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    no. Rev Wright isnt a important figure in this country. he wasnt really known until recently

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    10 out of 10 for you and a star , better joke that mate.

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    There will always be radicals on both sides of the issue a hundred years from now. One man doesn't have that kind of power. Most people are smarter than that.

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    No more than that idiot David Duke did running for office

    after being a big wig in the Klan.

    I hope we are all smart enough to realize that there are kooks

    of every race,religion,party and that it doesn't reflect the true

    nature of same.

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    only to those who are either uninformed, or those who read one sentence and get all fired up about it, if ppl really read what he wrote and the context in which he wrote it they will realize he was being brutally honest, to coin a phrase, calling a spade a spade.

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