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I was recently accepted into the Summer Leader Seminar at West Point, USMA. How beneficial is this program, and what are my chances of going to West Point as an undergrad, since I was accepted to their Summer Program. I'm really interested in attending West Point.

Are there any West Point alumni or current students out there..if so, what is your particular take on this situation.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Congratulations. Use this seminar to determine if West Point is where you want to go to college. Also, make sure you understand the obligations of attending.

    Unfortunately, there is really no correlation between the two. It's not like you get extra points for attending this seminar. But it will give you an appreciation of the facilities at West Point. It won't give you an appreciation for the rigor and discipline required to be successful there.

    Your acceptance to the Summer Leader Seminar does show that you probably have a strong enough academic record to attend. Hopefully, you also have some demonstrated athletic ability, strong ACT/SAT scores and documented leadership ability. You also must secure a nomination, either through a Congressmen or other means.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): I attended the Seminar and am also a graduate of USMA.
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