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What are antibodies and how do they help you fight infection? What are antibodies role with cytotoxic T cells.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    On the edge of most, if not, all living cells there are antigens. These antigens are recognition sites for the organism from which the cell came. An invading organism, such as a bacteria, is recognised, by these antigens, and the body knows taht it is 'foreign'.

    Ok, phagocytes are white blood cells which ingest the invading pathogens (bacteria in this case) and use the pathogens' antigens to present to the body's immune system.

    Now, another type of white blood cell, B-lymphocytes, are the cells that produce the antibodies. Each B-lymphocyte produces an antibody with a specific binding site. This binding site is complementary to the antigens of the antibody's target pathogen.

    The B-lymphocytes with the complementary binding sites on their antibodies adhere to the phagocyte, which presents the bacteria's antigen, and the B-lymphocytes begin to divide through mitosis.

    These B-lymphotcytes then start to produce their antibodies in large numbers and release these into the blood. They then adhere to the surface of the invading bacteria and cause the bacteria to clump together (agglutinate), rendering them ineffective.

    Memory cells then remain in the blood after this to allow faster and more effective response if that particular pathogen invades again.

    Sorry if it read too much like a text book :P I've never heard of cytoxic T cells, sorry.

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  • 1 decade ago

    antibodies r the molecules made up of amino acid chines linked together they recognize any substace entered our body as self or external n act accordingly u can get more info on google.

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