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do we terminate this pregnancy??

i am 14 weeks pregnant and just found out that our baby has full turner syndrome with no normal cells. my dr. said this is a severe abnormal chromosomal case. there is a 99% chance that it will self abort itself and if it doesn't it could be still birth. If it survives, it will most likely have heart defects, kidney problems amongst many other things. my doctor told us to think if we want to carry on with the pregnancy or terminate it. this is a lot to take in and we dont know what to do, it's the hardest decision that anyone would have to face. any thoughts or prayers would be appreciated.

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    11 yrs ago i gave birth to a little girl, she was diagnosed at birth with Turner Syndrome (TS). I'd never heard of the condition so was really shocked........ She has classic Turner syndrome (all cells affected)thankfully she does not have a heart condition or kidney problems...

    The heart condition is usually correctable at birth and the child will be monitored throughout life to make sure the heart remains healthy. ALL TS girls and women should have heart checks anyway evenif nothing shows at birth. The kidney problems with TS is ussually that the kidneys are "horseshoe" shapped, they sort of join at the bottom, if they are like this urine infections are more common.. MOST TS girls lead full lives they may have slight learning problems but most manage well in mainstream education.. Sadly the doctor is right most concieved TS babies do misscarry in early pregnancy and some are stillborn, usually these are born very pre maturely....

    my daughter is 11yr old now, she's going to high school soon, she has some learning problems, mainly just she's not too good at mathematics an her writing is awful, but she has a reading age of 13-14, she's one of the best runners in the school, she's good at dance drama and music, and has a beautiful singing voice.

    you need a specialist scan to look at the babies organs to see if they can tell how badly affected they may be.. only about 1/3 actually have heart problems..

    i can't imagine life without my daughter..

    there is a LOT of false information in books and on the internet on turner syndrome and many doctors also don't know a lot about the condition..

    Turner syndrome girls tend to look quite normal, they are shorter than most other females but they are given growth hormone so do get to a height the lower end of "normal" most are around 4ft 10" to 5ft 2" at final adult height..

    as for if you should continue or not only you can decide..I can however give you facts that things may not seem as bleak as you 1st thought. If your baby makes it to a live birth then she has a very good chance she will lead a full and rewarding life..

    Source(s): mother of an 11 yr old with Turner syndrome.. PS i'm assuming you've already been told your baby is a girl PPS " M Kerr " you may be in the medical field but have you personally met any TS girls/women.. i've met maybe 60-70 from ages 3 to 70 and only 1 of them had maybe a poor quality of in she was quite severly affected mentally, still though she was capable of doing most things just she'd never lead an independant life.
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    That is a very tough question. I looked it up online because I was not familiar with Turner Syndrome. From what I read on Wikipedia, it affects females and it does not look good. I think that what needs to be considered is the childs quality of life if any. I would not want my child to go through any pain or suffering. I am a firm believer in quality over quantity.

    I understand how this must feel. I lost 2 babies about 5 years ago, one to miscarriage and the other to a chromosomal abnormality that cause the baby's brain not to develop properly. Mine terminated on it's own. I just told myself that God had a reason and that he needed my baby for somethng special, because that is what she was. I will keep you in my prayers and wish you the strength you will need.

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    I am sorry for your tragedy.

    I can only say that you are the only one who can make that decision.

    Abortion is legal. You can choose that way.

    You can also hope that someone will adopt your baby if you want to try to carry it to term.

    You can also have the baby, and take care of it and love it for as long as it will survive.

    Whatever you do, someone will criticize your decision. Understand that nobody agrees on these issues. Nobody.

    Whatever you decide will be best....don't let anyone bother you with their opinions...they aren't going through what you are going through.

    If you are considering abortion, speak as soon as possible to your obgyn about having a d&c. I don't know if he can help you with that. Abortion can be a terrible experience, so I don't recommend it, but it IS a legal choice.

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    this would be hard...It feels hard for me, and I am also 14 weeks due in september...If you do terminate this pregnancy...question is, will there be a chance that your next pregnancy could turn out this way as a lot of online searching first...see how severe it can be in both something like looks of children with full turner syndrome...I am hurt along with you...because I just had an ultrasound showing the baby kicking...I am in tears...GOD BLESS...If you need someone to talk to and email....I am here all the go and let god...let it terminate itself...some abortions mess up your may not have this chance again

    Source(s): medline plus
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    You know this is a hard question to answer and many wont touch it. But being a mother to six with to sets of twins. I can say htis to you make a list I did when I thought I would be one of those mother who would hurt their children. your list should include every thing becasue not matter what right now you love this unborn child as if it was here. But the question is financialy can you take care of this child if you give birth and it survive. Will you have to quit working , how will your life be in packted base on medical expense and emotional along with phsical. Can you as a mother do it.

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    I know a lot of people who are going, "Leave it to God." And normally, I am with them. But this is special.

    Honestly, would you rather the baby live but live kind of a sad life (Anyone here read the story Sucker? I always think of it, so sad.) or would you rather it not live and not suffer? It's a very confusing decision. I'm so sorry for you and your husband, it's really terrible.

    Good luck, hun. Whatever decision you make will be the right one--no one could persecute you for abortion under those circumstances.

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    I am ever so sorry to hear about your story... I can't tell you what to do , but if it was me I think I would consider aborting the baby. I would find it heartbreaking growing this baby for nine long months inside me, feeling him/her kick etc if I knew the chance of survival was a tiny 1% and then even if s/he does survive the poor baby would be faced with severe birth defects... I would probably prefer to terminate and try again.

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    I will be praying for you. Put it all in Gods hands. I would say to continue on with the pregnancy, but truly it is a very hard decision... What ever decision you all decide to make... it will be the right one. My cousin last year was told her son was going to have many problems when he was born... cerebral palsy, mental disabilities, and basically that doctor said they werent all sure what would be wrong. She and her husband prayed and prayed and prayed, they started educating themselves on having a child with many disabilities... But the day there son was born... HE CAME OUT PERFECT!!! He has no disabilities at all, he had a large tumor/bump on his neck... but they removed it and now he's perfect. Miracles can happen, I pray that this is one of those times...

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    oh, no I'am so sorry. :( In my opinion I think you should terminate the pregnancy. The baby's quality of life prob. won't be great. Doctors really dont mention termination of pregnancy unless the prognosis looks dire. It is a very hard decision, and you need to do a lot of praying.

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    Personal choice on this one..I personally would terminate, I couldn't in good faith have a baby with turners syndrome knowing that the quality of life wouldnt be there, even if they did survive. My thoughts and prayers are with you on this one!

    ETA ~ I'm sure to get many 'thumbs' down for this, however, being in the medical field I know what affects TS has! I'm so sorry you have to go thru this hun!

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