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hows my fantasy baseball team?

Its a 12 Team H2H league tell me what you think of it and if i should make any trades or what not.

C Joe Mauer (Min - C)

1B Derrek Lee (ChC - 1B)

2B Chase Utley (Phi - 2B)

3B Ryan Zimmerman (Was - 3B)

SS Rafael Furcal (LAD - SS)

OF Carlos Lee (Hou - OF)

OF Brad Hawpe (Col - OF)

OF Raúl Ibañez (Sea - OF)

Util Willy Taveras (Col - OF)

BN Khalil Greene (SD - SS)

BN Yunel Escobar (Atl - 2B,3B,SS)

BN Hank Blalock (Tex - 3B)

BN Josh Willingham (Fla - OF)

SP Erik Bedard (Sea - SP)

SP Cole Hamels (Phi - SP)

RP Carlos Mármol (ChC - RP)

RP Joe Borowski (Cle - RP)

P Rich Hill (ChC - SP)

P Tim Hudson (Atl - SP)

P Ubaldo Jiménez (Col - SP)

BN C.J. Wilson (Tex - RP)

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    hows my fantasy baseball team?

    C Joe Mauer (Min - C) : He is one of the best

    1B Derrek Lee (ChC - 1B) Not as solid as he once was but will do well for you

    2B Chase Utley (Phi - 2B) Solid pick

    3B Ryan Zimmerman (Was - 3B) a lot of potential

    SS Rafael Furcal (LAD - SS) not as good as he once was. He has ruined a couple of my teams in the past. TRADE BAIT

    OF Carlos Lee (Hou - OF) not bad, but not great

    OF Brad Hawpe (Col - OF) reliable

    OF Raúl Ibañez (Sea - OF) mediocre

    Util Willy Taveras (Col - OF) good for SBs, runs and average

    BN Khalil Greene (SD - SS) TRADE BAIT

    BN Yunel Escobar (Atl - 2B,3B,SS) could turn out to be a great pick up. lots of potential

    BN Hank Blalock (Tex - 3B) not as consistent as he once was

    BN Josh Willingham (Fla - OF) not bad, not good

    You are going to struggle with HRs and RBIs

    SP Erik Bedard (Sea - SP) strong

    SP Cole Hamels (Phi - SP) strong

    RP Carlos Mármol (ChC - RP) may not be the closer for the Cubs

    RP Joe Borowski (Cle - RP) terrilbe ERA and WHIP, may not finish the season as the closer

    P Rich Hill (ChC - SP) fair

    P Tim Hudson (Atl - SP) fair

    P Ubaldo Jiménez (Col - SP) mediocre

    BN C.J. Wilson (Tex - RP) best closer on your team.

    You need relief pitching help and better starting pitching.

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    This team is an 8. you have a reliable team which will end you up in the play-offs if the team keeps to be healthy. flow Jason Bartlett into SS because of the fact he's a large sleeper shortstop this 3 hundred and sixty 5 days and could have a wreck-out season. do not commerce away Mark Teahen he's without doubt certainly one of the Royals outstanding gamers and could do large this season. And he's a real sturdy back-up for Miguel Cabrera. attempt and commerce Nomar he's not what he use to be and that i think of Teahen or Barlett will do greater valuable. For commerce help with Nomar drop a observe on your league announcing, I honestly have an further SS, Nomar Garciaparra, and if everybody needs to make an grant be at liberty. Your pitching is respectable too. flow Anibal into Hudson place and you'd be arranged. And shop a watch on Lowry and Arroyo. Arroyo could do undesirable this 3 hundred and sixty 5 days and Lowry could do genuine sturdy this 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. So, shop this in suggestions.

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    You have a solid team all the way around. You may want to look to get rid of Greene or Furcal and pick up another back up 1B. Your pitching staff is solid and has good depth. Overall I would give you a 8.5-9 out of ten.

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    your going to want another closer. see if you can trade blalock for another closer

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