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championship game

any tips on makeing my coach give me more playing time? or for scoring 10 pts? and i play starting CENTer POS

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    You play an important roll on the team my friend, but what im going to tell u is that u know your coach better that i so im pretty sure he has told you areas in your game where to improve at.

    So here we go....

    1.Effort a coach sees this he'll respect your character and keep you in as long as u dont make crucial mistakes

    2. Rebounds all big men have to get atleast 9+ rebounds, 12+ in a championship

    3. box out like there is no tommorow nobody is too get your rebounds in your paint(play like that and youll play the whole game)

    4.Stay focused on the game. a split second can be crucial especially in a championship game. especially on defense.

    5.bang, bang, bang let the opposing team know whos boss in your kitchen.

    6.block shots self explanitory

    7. score as much as u can

    8 DONT MISS ANY LAYUPS, that will piss any coach off.

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    When you grab an offensive rebound, don't bring the ball down below your shoulders, keep the ball up and go right back up with it... you'll pick up some fouls on the other team and maybe some extra points at the free throw line.

    Of course, it's more important that you don't worry about your own stats... just hustle and hit the boards. When you grab a defensive rebound, look down court IMMEDIATELY for a teammate to get the fast break going.

    Don't fall for head fakes, wait until the shooter goes up, and then go up and get his shot. Try to keep your blocked shots in bounds so that your teammates have a chance to recover the ball. If your blocking a layup from behind, slap the ball off the backboard and grab it.

    Good luck in your game!

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    1. For making your coach give you more playing time, at warmups not only show your scoring ability, also show your an elusive player by getting some rebounds and getting some assists. DON'T TRY TO SUCK UP TO THE COACH!

    2. For scoring 10 points, know your strengths and weaknesses take shots your comfortably with. Score early, and if you're away take the home crowd away from the game as early as possible

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    to get more playing time

    you want to be more efficient

    less turnovers

    and less fouls

    NEVER a tech

    that will let u sit for ... hmm lets say 2 games

    if ur a center u should surprise your defenders by playing perimeter D but if they get in the lane block like theres no tomorrow

    if you foul you want to foul HARD

    no a flagrant foul but hard enough so its not an and1

    and1s are the biggest team motivators(for the other team) right after a block/steal/dunk

    also more hustle

    coaches love that

    the things that get u noticed are the tings that arnt on stat sheets

    those little things as running after the loose ball


    or even taking a charge

    and to score

    try posting up and baby hooks

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    Make your teammates better. Not only get the rebounds, but when you get the ball in the post, and immediately look to hit a cutter or pass out to an open shooter. If you help your teammates, then the entire team is better off with you on the court,. Getting the assists will get you noticed. That is how you will stay on

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    have a scoring plan

    2+ pts every quarter can help you get 10+ pts per game

    offensive rebounds are the best way to score since you may no touch the basketball all the time

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    well if you are starting center you should get enough playing time and its all of the matter of if you are determined to get that 10 points and be a dffirence maker don't get nervous treat the championship game like it is a pick up game

    Source(s): won rec basketball championship for 7th and 8th grade yesterday. still so happy!
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    keep getting rebounds on both offensive and defensive ways, that way hell see your a top rebounder and keep you playing, take the odd jumper once in a while too

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    He will give you that as soon as you start playing better, and that is sure. Checked thing

    Source(s): my experience
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    You are a dumbo

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