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cover for mirrors on sliding closet door?

I have a wall of mirrors that is also my closet doors. I don't like it because my bed is right across from it and I don't like to lie in bed and look at myself....what can I use to cover them with? Is there something along the lines of contact paper or something that will work or something specific for mirrors? Not going to do all of them, but half of them. (There are four so want to do 2)

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    At Lowe's/home depot in the window treatment department they have these window appliques that you can get in different sizes and patterns-- from frosted to flowers to geometric designs. They're designed to let light reflect through but not see through. Down side is you'd probably need a 2 or 3 to cover each mirror and I think they run around $25-30 each. Up side is there's lots to choose from, the patterns are pretty and you can take them off (and with you if you move) if you change your mind later.

    Good luck!

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    You could frost them with glass etch. Yes, you could even put contact paper over them if you find some that you like. Be advised that later if you decide that you don't want the contact paper on there anymore you may have an issue with adhesive on the glass. You could also save up for new doors. They're not that expensive. Another alternative is to buy a cool curtain rod and put drapes over top of the doors or remove the doors altogether and just go with drapes over the closet.

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    Ok, now I feel like a total dork. We just built our house, and I had mirror closet doors installed!!! Anyway..... Here's my thoughts: What if you put some of that window cover up on the mirrors? You know the stuff that still lets light in but keeps others from seeing in... You can get it kind of shimmery or plain. If you don't like the way it looks on the mirrors, you can paint chic colors or decorate any way you like right on the stuff. Then when it's time to move, you can just peel it off.

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    U could try spraying window frosting I believe its called. Available like at a craft store.

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