Chinese human rights?

It's been asked before, I know, but why will not a single Western government raise a voice against the monstrous oppression of Tibet by the Chinese?

The Chinese attitude to human rights is despicable.



Hi Morpheus,

Sure; visualisation, active compassion, anything whatsoever to get the energy shifting. (Yours sounds like a good one). Shamanistic rituals, anything!

I don't know how it works in the States but in the UK, if a member of Parliament gets six letters on a particular issue, s/he gets the message and starts to take notice. So maybe writing letters would help as well.

But lets not just lie down and say, 'Oh dear, how sad, there's nothing I can do.'

Update 2:

Morpheus again,

By all means send me a copy, though I'm pretty much of a technophobe. . .

Update 3:

Some very thoughtful and interesting answers.

I'm actually in the UK and while our politicians aren't AS corrupt as George Dubbya and co, Gordon Browne is still a most chilling man.


I wrote yesterday's question in a brief fit of anger. I get over these things pretty quick.

It is really important, it seems to me, that we try to stay positive about the ills of the world. The more we allow ourselves to be unproductively angry / depressed, etc., the more we are giving a kind of energetic permission for the horrors to continue.

As Morpheus points out, positive visualisation is much more of a force for good than is anger or despair.

(I know I started it on this occasion, that's why I feeel moved to say, 'do what you can about the dark, but concentrate on the light').

Update 4:

Unfortunately I'm going to have to close this Q earlier than I would wish as I'm going away for a few days.

I like to choose the best answer, not easy amongst all these.

Because his answer provoked so many others with its positive attitude, though, I choose,

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    Short of going to war and forcing them to do as we think they should, which by the way is how they took over Tibet in the first place, how would you do it? How would you make Americans less violent? How would you make Bigots be more forgiving? How would you make Zealots be more Loving? Every time you MAKE anyone do anything you have resentment. While they have been in exile, the Holy Men (and Women, for I do not know any different) have been quoted in many articles over the years as asking to send your LOVE... SO LET US ALL TRY THAT SHALL WE? Every day for a month, we need to set up a time to do it, and the target for receiving this projected LOVE would be the Capitol City of China, where those who could change policy reside. It is easy enough to do, in the middle of your chest in a place most know as the Heart Chakra. From this point just picture in your mind a powerful fire hose sending forth a Divine Love that can travel the globe if need be. Picture the entire city glowing with the Divine Light of pure love for just one hour a day for a month… you can do this from anywhere, and all we need do is set up the time of day that we may each add our strength to the whole, for if we combine as one is there any heart that would not feel the compassion?


    It is a sad state of affairs here in the States I am afraid, the Big Oil Companies and other Big Corporations own and control the entire system. Even when we can get a good Law passed, they get their Lawyers to do away with it in short order... just do a web search on, "Who Killed the Electric Car" and you will know what I mean. I have sent very good Ideas to many government leaders, including yours by the way, on .... well a 40+ page document I have worked 2 years on for reversing the effects of global warming, and Ideas on how to pay for them, to no avail. I have even sent the document to 150 universities in your country, and to date, I have never received a responce... oops I have only received 1 responce about this document. We are talking about things like encapsulating Necular waste in Graphite where water cannot become contaminated, and using this as a heated pool to drive several hundred Minto Wheels to provide electrical power. I have all but given up, and there are 5 ideas worth billions of dollars in that document... A pulse turbine engine that can run on almost any fuel, and the list goes on and on... would you like a copy?

    My deepest heart felt thanks to all who have answered my E-mails to search out this queston and provide us with options.


    Source(s): sorry I forgot to star this so everyone else may be drawn to it. please leave it up for a few days...
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  • 1 decade ago

    Good point. The genocide that occurred in Tibet and the ongoing oppression of its people and destruction and appropriation of its land has been one of the most neglected political issues of the past 50 years. More people have died in Tibet than in several genocides--including the Holocaust--put together. The problem is that Tibet does not have developed natural resources or assets for countries to spar over. Everyone has looked the other way while the Chinese govt. has decimated the Tibetan people and taken over the land. The irony is that Chinese people themselves are fascinated with culture and religion of Tibet and are turning onto Tibetan Buddhism.

    I don't know what the answer is. Richard Gere is calling for a boycott of the Olympics. Do economic boycotts work against countries like China ? It's a dilemma and it's a travesty. (Oh and I just "love" some of the smart a ** answers at the beginning of this answer thread about how we have our own problems. It's all the SAME problem--from the same people at the top basically.)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Morpheus has brought up many good points to something I had been completely unaware of until now. In my opinion, there are many oppressed people in this world, including our ''free'' nation. It seems that those who do have human rights, sometimes take this for granted. If it were taken away all of a sudden, then we would here how it isn't fair. We need to find a happy medium to all this, in that there are the people who have had human rights for a long time and don't realize how good they have it, and those who have never had it and don't know how bad they have it. Neither has anything different to compare, except when it's brought to their attention, and sometimes they still don't get it. Perhaps we should send the unappreciative people on welfare, here in the U.S. (and not everyone is unappreciative, perhaps a person is just down on the luck for a period of time, not just a multi-generational situation.)over to Tibet so they can help a people who truly has nothing, including their own dignity. Why should the people who are in the upper echelon always be the ones to come to the rescue? When is someone going to save me from paying higher taxes, just because I might make more money than others? Is that fair? I got loans to go to college so I could better myself and my salary, but why, if the govt is going to ''penalize'' me for getting ahead?? That's taking my human rights away. And to boot, I have to pay for the fact that U.S. industries are outsourcing manufacturing to China, and elsewhere. I don't get it.

    Source(s): Just my unalienable right to an opinion
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  • 1 decade ago

    Morpheus had a very good answer to your question. I agree with you and add that such treatment of the Chinese to Tibet are blind and foolish. For reason at such times takes flight, and in her absence anger plunders all the riches of the intellect, When given expression it plunders all the goods and fruits of peace too and is indifferent to the suffering of bystanding innocents. The angry man's desire is to vent his heat, to appease himself by doing harm, not pausing to consider whether the greatest harm will eventually accrue to himself rather than his opponent. And when anger drives, such is the usual outcome. A Chines emotional show of weakness towards human rights.

    However, sad to say that anger is used by the Chinese as an emotion of great power and good effect wisely directed and done.

    Thanks for asking. Have a great day!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Even if you're right and everything is that terrible - what can you really suggest to do? Especialy if to keep in a mind that anything that could be done will touch all chinese ppl. There is no their fault in Tibet conflict.

    And China produce the majority of goods, the world cann't stop to use them.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Tibetan violence does make sad reading.. but our feelings have become much desensitised by unending news of such human rights violations.. The Sri Lankan Tamils migrating in fear for life from the Tigers on the one side and the govt military on the other.. the Kashmiris heroically continuing in the terror stricken land despite repeat abductions and killings by terrorists and the army.. the Burmese silently suffering the army rule.. the Pak outburst at the slaughter of democracy by a President enjoying the blessing of a super power.. I have quoted the crises nearer home for few examples, though the whole world is suffering from serious problems of sorts..

    That the US bombed Afghan for weeks and months to capture the terrorists but ended up hurting the civilians more.. the repeat of the drama in Iraq.. what could we do till date?

    Just look at the well meant answers, people are prone to easily stray into their own relatively petty disappointments with their govts.. rather than focus their mind on the burning issue of our innocent and helpless brothers.. that is it.. My headache is more painful to me than the trauma of another brother whom I love no less..

    When so called democratic govts like the US, Sri Lanka, Pak etc are perpetrating violations of human rights, what can you say of the Red China...?

    Morpheus has given a great answer to address the increasing all encompassing violence.. spreading love vibrations from our hearts to Chinese hq.. I would add that we do it for the whole world..

    Rather than merely hoping that good sense would prevail by writing to govts or other wise creating awareness among nations to boycott the olympic hosted by china (wonderful idea) etc.. it is best to call for sincere prayers for the good of brethren all over, by all who have sympathy for the human rights and belief in the power of love..

    For the Budha also preached love and changed evil ones into pious saints in his time.. Gandhi moved the whole masses of India against a powerful govt by peaceful means to achieve freedom.. Mother Theresa did it by drawing the attention of the whole world to her social causes.. The Baba Amte and his brood of Gandhians still do this in umpteen unpublished domains..

    may there be peace all over by sharing love and care mentally.. the most we can do.. and the most potential according to great saints.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Thanks to Morpheus a "sea change" is taking place...awareness of dark places is necessary, but fear of them creates further darkness. Because of Morpheus, my minimal awareness of Tibetans' loss of human rights (and land and culture) has been heightened. i am on board for his suggestion to positively vision collectively at a specified time. Thank you, Morpheus, for your generosity of Love for our brothers and sisters and for your clear vision.

    P.S. It has been suggested that the Olympic Games (taking place in China) be boycotted...this would certainly make an economic and public relations impact on this nation. Even though i loooooove both the Summer and Winter Olympics, i would boycott them in a heartbeat to support the rights of Tibetans. It is obvious, that even though the eyes of the world are on them, the Chinese government is without remorse for their abusive treatment of an entire culture (including the slaughter of these beautiful innocents), and they apparently consider themselves above international law. To see their moment in the sun go down in flames because of a worldwide boycott of the games just might get the attention of the Chines government.

    i am Sirius

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Does the chinese government know what human rights are in the first place?

    If the west was serious about their 'morals' - surely they would not trade with china but as you know it's all about money not people.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


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  • Alex
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    It's lack of vision, they're pathetic!0!

    The wicked envy and hate; it is their way of admiring...Victor Hugo.

    Good luck!

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