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Are there any MPs that you respect for what they have done before they became am MP?

Most seem to be just professional politicians now, with no real life / work experience, just a degree and been head of their University's Student Union.

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    Tony Benn gave up his title to go into the house of commons he is the only person I can think of whose family and lifes values are worthy of an MP.

    Cameron this morning has blamed all of the lifes problems with the family,he is a typical Tory,what does he know of lifes problems, has he ever been made redundant,has he ever been forced onto benefit through ill health, and when he needs a doctor does he have to wait until his health deteriorates to the point where he is then in hospital -of course not he and his cronies have private health Ins,he isn't worried about MRSA and long waiting lists. His children don't have to worry about what school they'll get in,he doesn't have to worry about housing heating food because we are keeping him and his family, so he is one man who will not get my vote.I agree totally with your final staement,especially the real life /work bit you are absolutely right.It is difficult to know which is the best party because they all have self serving morally deficit people in each.

    I really don't know what the answer is.

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    They are all lawyers and are detroying our country.

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