What will be your response if your spouse tells his friend " You are my everything!"?

Well, my husband is a good man. I love him . Iam very possessive too. One day I happened to see a message he sent to his friend saying " You are my everything. There is no one else...like you. you are my one & only....etc.." He also described things like " I thank you for the love you shared. the kisses , the thrills etc"

This message hurt me a lot. Because till that day , I knew I loved my husband so blindly. I never expected this from him. He send this message to his friend just before my arrival day. He wrote as if he will miss him just because his wife is coming& he cannot spend time with him anymore! This was a shock for me. I travelled all the way from home to be with my husband,to be happy with him. My arrival was hurting him .This idea hurt me a lot. I don't have words to explain the full message he wrote. Iam sad. After that day, I couldn't even smile with full heart. His friend works in his office. He can see him everyday. What will be your reaction?


At first, I too, asked him whether you he is gay?.He felt sad. He told he likes this friend . He is his best friend. But, when I remember about kisses they shared, Iam hurt.No, I don't believe my husband is gay. I love him. He loves to sleep with me. But, I donno. Iam confused.

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    talk to him, ask him what is really happening, tell him how you feel. see if you and him can work out any problems that he might have. you have to find out if he really loves you. otherwise this marriage wont last long or you'd be hurting a long time more to come. get things sorted out while its still not too late, while you still can start anew if it doesn't work.

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    You're husband is gay and having an affair with his friend. Sorry but you are in denial. It's hard but you should be true to yourself and to him.

    In response to you add . details...why would he be kissing his friend? That is not something men do. Are you sure the message was to his friend or to someone else( another female perhaps)? Either way, he is with someone and you need to face reality.

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    My reaction would be to find out whether or not the one collecting those messages was in fact the male friend, or some chick using the friend's phone.

    Or check if your spouse let someone else use his phone.

    When you go diggin' for dirt, you'll find it.

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    i know it wud have been a terible experience

    but i wud suggest u to have an open talk with him dont let him feel that u felt bad n try to make him feel that u understand him try to take him in confidence

    then only he wud be able to tell u truth

    and if the things are not normal i will suggest u to leave him n move ahead

    but if its all ok then have a happy married life ahead

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    Ensure first about ur husband's affair with his GF.

    If u find this true then give him lot of love & care without say him anything about his affair.

    Behave urself as u know nothing.

    Ur love to him automatically change him.

    He will think that he is doing wrong with u.

    This feeling inspires him to love with u.

  • 3 years ago

    you're damn actual you're being blatant approximately it, as nicely you are going to be while your relationship is disrespected. we prefer greater blatant human beings such as you. till this is going to become primary, human beings will nonetheless think of this is totally nicely to attempt and stress us into compromising with reference to the character of our family to spare their sensibilities. it relatively is right now-up homophobic 'stay interior the closet' bulls#!t. i'd have been furious if somebody had mentioned that to me. I definitely have not worked this no longer uncomplicated, marched a great number of situations, risked this lots, and waited this long to have some slender-minded nitwit tell me i'm being 'blatant' through fact I evaluate my guy to be my significant different.

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    I think a man go out when he not find his satisfaction in home. I dont know is it true on not. But it must be important.

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    well first i would be thinking your husband is gay.

    because no guy would write that to a another guy.

    2nd i would really be pissed off with him.

    3rd i would be thinking i have made a really bad mistake and get away from him.

  • 1 decade ago

    talk with ur husband openly with everything u have in mind...

    talk abt the messege u saw..abt the kisses with him...n open ur eyes

    believe wat u r seeing rather than loving blindly...

    clear out all things before u start believing him blindly

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