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Show that a distribution function has at most countably many discontinuities.

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    Since distribution function is montone decreasing

    so it has at most countably many discontiouous points

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    Let f be the distribution function defined on an interval I

    Let S={c€I:f is discontinuous at c}

    then we have lim(x->c+)f(x)<lim(x->c-)f(x)

    so we can choose a rational number c(r) such that


    If c ,d in S so that c<d

    then r(d)<lim(x->d-)f(x)<=r[(c+d)]/2<=lim(x->c+)f(x)<r(c)


    so r:S->Q be a one to one mapping

    Since Q is countable, so is its subset

    =>S is countable

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    怎麼從 "nondecreasing" 推得 "at most countably many discontiouous points" 呢?

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