Why does Spitzer have to resign, but Sen. Craig and Sen. Vitter remain?

Was Spitzer set-up and targeted through illegal wiretapping by the Feds for all of Spitzer's attacks on corrupt big business, thanks to Bush and Company? It sure looks like it to me. Consider the fact that he was forced to resign, but Sen Larry "Wide Stance" Craig and Sen David "the Diaperman" Vitter get to remain even though they have engaged in illegal acts, but, unlike Spitzer, are Republicans and have done absolutely nothing to help the public while in office, while Spitzer has relently worked to help the greater public at large.

Them's the facts. Now, what say you?




I understand that Spitzer engaged in illegal conduct. But so did Sen. Craig and Sen. Vitter. You have failed to explain the double standard in light of all the great things that Spitzer has done to go after the big corrupt corporations and business criminals have have stolen HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS FROM THE PUBLIC, in case you want to focus on the alleged $80,000 over however many alleged years.

As Barney Frank, that is old news. Decades old. Notice that I didn't mention Mark Foley, whose crimes did not involve consenting adults, unlike Frank's. I'm considering that old news too because that happened more than a year ago, even though it should not be ignored. Again you too have failed to answer my question.

Update 2:

I'm reading the responses, and it is clear that nearly all of you are completely ignorant of all the good work that Spitzer has done over the years, and all the powerful corrupt enemies he has made in the process. You are unable to put 2 and 2 together, apparently.

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    As a criminal lawyer, I can tell you that the official story that the investigation of Spitzer was triggered by some bank officials who called the IRS about some cash deposits, is most likely a lie. Far more likely is that Spitzer was specifically targeted by the US Justice Department, as he would be considered a political enemy of Bush and his allies. And contrary to the poster who suggested that the FBI got a warrant to tap Spitzer's phone, there is no evidence that such a warrant was obtained.

    The fact that the US Justice Dept. was trying to use the Mann Act to nail Spitzer almost certainly means that Spitzer was targeted for political reasons. The Mann Act is an old and obsolete law that has only been used to charge political enemies. The two most prominent cases on record, for example, were against Charlie Chaplin, the great silent film comedian from days of old, and Jack Johnson, the great black boxer. Chaplin was hated by the government because he was very influential and used his influence to attack various establishment enterprises. Johnson made racist white men envious because he was able to earn lots of money and he attracted scores of white women, at a time when civil rights were not protected in this country. These were the kind of people charged with the Mann Act. (I should point out that the activities of the US Justice Dept. are in violation of the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution, but Bush is certainly not going to appoint an indepedent prosecutor to investigate and charge the officials involved. Slowly but surely, civil rights are being eradicated.)

    As for your references to Craig and Vitter, Craig admitted to his crime and signed a statement to that effect which he unsuccessfully tried to revoke. The judge refused to help Craig undo his admission, since there was no coersion or other improper police procedures involved. Vitter has not been charged, although he could easily have been, and on several grounds. You are correct that neither of them have stepped down. If the US Justice Dept chose to, they could be investigated and illegally wiretapped as well, but, as you suggest, there are powerful corporate interests that protect them every bit as much as those same interests went after Spitzer with a vengeance.

    If you really want to understand the motivations behind the US Justice Dept.'s phony crusade, check out best selling writer Greg Pallast's article at this link.


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    any1one, the Answerer above, is a hit man.

    He makes threats against people's life -- with a gun.

    Watch out and pass it on.

    TWO Democratic Party governors were brought down by Israelis sex traders? How ODD is that?

    Mark Brener, the alleged pimp at the center of the prostitution scandal engulfing Spitzer, is an Israeli.

    McGrevey's gay lover was Israeli.

    Spitzer, The Fool, (and talented prosecutor) was an enemy of War Street. He was an enemy of the international central bankers, the House of Rothschild/Rockefeller NWO promoters. He was investigating the 9/11 fraud perpetrated by the Cheney-Bush crime machine.

    Spitzer was also threatening the international bankers and a heavyweight mafioso Republican leader in Albany who was losing his seat before Spitzer was taken down. Now he's next in line to be Governor, behind a blind man who'd better watch out.

    Spitzer was looking into the 9/11 insurance fraud of Larry Silverstein, Bush's friend and owner of the World Trade Center buildings.

    They've come up with a strange deal for Silverstein, a strong Israel supporter, to withdraw his funds from the Carlyle Group. Israel is involved all the way around. Spitzer got pulled into the old sex blackmail routine.

    When you sleep with the sharks, you have to leave sex out of it.

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    Spitzer resigned because that's his best defense, quit and there's no scandal to unfold to the public. The wiretapping was legal. A Federal judge signed it. The FBI was after the Emperor club and Spitzer showed up. At $5000 a hour, where was Spitzer getting the money. Just so happens a bank reported suspicious activity on Spitzer and it became a IRS and joined FBI investigation on Spitzer. They found he was using NYS funds. Spitzer is a hypocrite as so that he would have busted his own prostitute girlfriends in the end.

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    The difference between Spitzer, Craig and Vitter is that Spitzer committed a Federal Felony. He arranged for an escort to be transported across state lines for sex. (Violation of the Mann Act.) Craig was charged with a low level misdemeanor (i believe) and Vitter was never charged with anything. His name only cam up in phone records.

    Spitzer chose to resign on his own. Granted, it was probably as part of some plea bargain, but it was his choice.

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    i like to verify human beings declare that Vitter substitute into no longer in Congress while his dillitation occurred. incorrect !!!! He have been interior the Congress through fact that Jan 1999. He have been a member of the homestead, i.e. Congressman Vitter, having replaced Congressman Bob Livingston who had resigned through his own extramarital affair which got here to easy after had castigated Clinton for Lewinsky. Vitter's dalliances with the DC madam occurred after that. the 1st calls substitute into made on October 12, 1999, and the final on February 27, 2001. this suggests he substitute into doing this mutually as a member of the homestead. the telephone records coach he did those on some occassions for the duration of homestead votes ( wager he could have been bored!!!) yet then they're Republicans- what else are you able to assume? they're so smitten via sexuality ( or relatively the inability thereof) that they are going to deny,deny, deny till all of them turn blue interior the face. nicely now, Craig, he's " no longer right now" hence, string him up via the quick and curlies. this is been so ingrained interior the Republican social gathering that in case you have inclination as to desirous to be with somebody of the comparable intercourse, you may hate your self. this is gloomy, the place this is greater significant as to whom you sleep with vs. the solid you're able to do and the artwork you carry out in spite of social gathering.

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    I dont know the whole story on Craig and Vitter, but I think the charges on Spitzer were not just of a sex scandal, but money laundering.

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    I say if any politician does what Spitzer did, It's OUT WITH YOU! Democrat or Republican!

    I feel sorry for any politician's family that has to endure the public humiliation that comes with the lies that goes with a adulterous relationship.

    What the wife does , is her business. However to have to live the rest of your life under the conditions that a selfish , uncaring individual puts on his family's back is just about impossible to bear.I wouldn't be surprised if she can't take it and leaves him.( and she isn't running for president!

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    Spitzer has to resign because he poured $80,000 into an ILLEGAL prostitution ring. I don't know if the wire tapping was illegal or not but the fact is Spitzer was doing something very illegal and he was doing a lot of it and he got caught and that's why he had to resign. And someone should seriously kick his butt for bringing his wife out to stand in front of press and the rest of the country after all of that crap.

    Source(s): OOPS, My bad, I thought you were actually asking a question....Apparently you already have your answer and just want people to agree with it.
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    Whoa - Senator Craig has never admitted to to engaging in an illegal act. Seems to me you have tried and pronouced him guilty all by yourself. Spitzer, on the other hand did not deny what he has done. This is a huge difference.

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    Explain why Bush is still our president and he wasn't impeached. Then i will answer.

    In all honesty it just hasn't gotten enough news coverage. It wasn't sensational enough for the news apparently. He also was someone who has made efforts to stop other people from doing the things that he himself was doing.

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