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What does "Mein liebe Gott" mean?

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    You must mean "Mein lieber Gott". It's a german expression meaning "Oh my God".

    It litteraly translates to "my dearest God".

    Source(s): native german speaker
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    Mein Gott Translation

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    The expression should be "Mein lieber Gott" (the -er ending is for the masculine form; -e would be feminine).

    The meaning is "My DEAR Gott"

    (The word is related to our English words "love", or in this case the old form "beloved", that is, 'one whom I love'.)

  • Rain
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    German: Mein lieber Gott = Oh my God (oh my dear God)

    Source(s): native
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  • Anonymous
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    It should be "lieber" as already stated.

    Direct translation: "My (Mein) beloved (lieber) God (Gott)."

    Common usage translation: "My dear God" or "Oh my God." an exclamation of surprise, shock or disbelief.

    Source(s): Both German and English are my first language.
  • Cheryl
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    I love you,you are my feminine niece---EDIT--It should have been written--Ich liebe dich,du bist mein schon nichte---I love you,you are my beautiful niece----The word weib must be attatched to something-weiblich=feminine.It's not correct German what's been written

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    My dear God! It's actually lieber.

    Source(s): German-born.
  • Anonymous
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    that would translate to "my love God" in german

    but if its lieber, then it means my dear God

  • hkyson
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    "My dear Lord/God"

    Harleigh Kyson Jr.

  • DRL
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    1 decade ago

    "My love God"....which is wierd...maybe "Ich liebe Gott"...which is "I love God"

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