when did the first Chinese come to australia?

i really need to no and i cant get a strait answer

was it the 18 hundreds

ahhhh please help

this assignment is driving me CRAZY

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    History of Chinese Immigration in Western Australia

    While records show that in 1829 Moon Chow was the first Chinese to settle in Western Australia, it was not until 1847 that another 51 Chinese men arrived from Singapore as a source of cheap labour for the growing colony. They were employed as cooks and domestic servants in Perth, York, Albany and Bunbury. Further introduction of Chinese to Western Australia ceased with the introduction of convicts from 1850 which helped to overcome the labour shortages of the struggling colony.

    A second wave of Chinese, again recruited in Singapore started in 1873 when labour shortages occurred 5 years after convict transportation finished in 1868. This time they worked as shepherds, gardeners, carpenters and farm servants as well as cooks and domestic servants. Chinese were recruited for labour until 1898, when the introduction of the first restrictive immigration Acts during the 1890s halted the practice. These acts prohibited overseas Chinese from entering Western Australia throughout the 1890s, however ‘free’ immigrants, or Chinese not bound by contract, came in increasing numbers from other parts of Australia. They were attracted by new economic opportunities following the discovery of gold. Although banned from mining, Chinese immigrants found commercial niches in furniture manufacturing, market gardening, laundries and retail outlets.

    The Chinese population peaked in 1897 with 1600 Chinese in the wider community of a population of under 200,000 but started to decline in response to the federal Immigration Restriction Act of 1901. This prohibited the entry of wives and families as well as new Chinese entering Australia, with the introduction of the Dictation Test. The ‘White Australia Act’ as it was commonly referred to restricted the entry of many non Anglo-Saxon migrants.

    It was only after the relaxation of immigration policies from the late 1960s that the community was rejuvenated with a new wave of Chinese immigrants. Students came from various parts of South East Asia under the Colombo Plan, and some later migrated to Australia after completing their studies and working in their homelands. Their presence has broaden Chinese contributions to society to include many professional areas such as engineering, medicine and teaching. Since the 1970s the Chinese community has grown to become a leading and influential component of Western Australian society.

    Several Chinese have been recognized for their contributions by being awarded with Australia Day honours. Festivals and celebrations such as Chinese New Year are widely incorporated in mainstream Australian festivities. Some activities such as dragon boat racing started by the Chung Wah are now organized by general community groups.

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    It was long before the 1800s. The Chinese have been around for thousands and thousands of years, they are one of the oldest living civilizations in the world. They didn't have pen and paper back in the days so the exact date is not known.

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    Probably. But the aboriginees were ther first. Chinese scatter everywhere. They weren't anywhere first but China.

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