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Chris Pronger to be suspended?

What is going on here? Is Colin Campbell getting too many calls from outraged Wings fans? LMAO


A hearing time has been set for Pronger to defend his case.

Update 2:

CDN fan...preaching to the choir. I agree fully. In fact, the only ones that seem to have a problem with it are Wings fans and Pronger haters. They need proof IMO and even with a clearer video now out there, I still can't see them assuming intent. Prior bad acts should not come into play unless it was clear cut, you can't assume. I thought Bob McKenzie's take was correct if you saw that clip.

Mike...I responded to your Q, and my hos are much higher class than that. Mine are 7 diamond hos. LOL

Update 3:

Wings fan- Pronger shouldn't be spending time in the box for fighting because he is too valuable to be sitting in the box and he is not an enforcer...sheesh.

Also, he has been in only 2 fights this against Handzus WHO IS 6'5" ...which he won. The other he won vs. Cleary.

If you are going to throw blanket statements out there based on homerism, at least have an argument to back it up.

Update 4:

CDN FAN- GREAT points as usual.

Update 5:

Erica...I was about to give you hell and tell you how you USUALLY have a better read on these things. LMAO

Phaneuf lives the good life to be sure. I find him likable....I happen to like to party too.

Update 6:


Yes. That REPUTABLE NHL poll. There is something to base a ruling on. Christ ol many fans from Vancouver, Detroit, Edmonton, Ottawa etc etc etc ...VOTED NO suspension I wonder. ZERO might be a good guess but hey, let's put it in the hands of those with alterior motives, many who probably didn't even watch the video. I mean, come on. LMFAO.

Update 7:

Vinny...I'm sorry, I was making fun of you. jk Seriously though, I was. I am sure you were just making a general observation though and not implying that it should in any way sway the decision. I am pretty sure you are better than that.

Update 8:

Perhaps Chris Simon is behind their change in heart-;_ylt=Ai0pY79jvvZ_...

LMAO..I mean, come on. Simon lobbying for suspensions now? Ugh.

Update 9:

Bourgois- I am not asking if he will be suspended..Apparently he now will. I agree, it is nothing at all like the Simon incident.

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    Okay first they say no suspension, then by the miracle of youtube they see the video we all saw today and decide to do something.

    With the first video I thought maybe he would be suspended, the second with the closeup I felt they had got it right. One of the few I know that feels that way but Kessler had his leg tied up, the moves he made including the stomp are a natural reaction to having the leg tied up. First you pull it up then push away to clear what is trapping you. I don`t see the intent to injure. he is no angel and maybe he takes advantage of the situation to get in a little shot but I think it is really only freeing is leg and recovering his balance.

    That`s my story and Pronger and I are sticking to it

    Edit: Yes I agreed with mackenzie yesterday, However I heard him on the radio this morning, he does a 15 min bit every second morning on sports radio here in Mtl, where he was backpedalling based on the new clip. I think he updated his blog on TSN website to backpedal also.

    If anything the new video clearly shows the lack of proof of intent. NHL going to look real silly if the come up with a face saving suspension based on video they did not have access to yesterday. Nothing good can come of reopenning this for the league. Basically admitting you didn`t bother to get all available video first time around. Where did they get this one from- I could doctor one up and send it in.

    Source(s): Edit 2 watched it again this morning, in real time it looks like a natural movement. The problem with the slowed down replay is that anything slowed down is going to look more DELIBERATE. Curious to see what he gets and more importantly Burke's reaction.
  • Erica
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    LOL. As soon as I read the question, I was thinking, "Wow, did they get bombarded by fans demanding he be suspended, or what??"

    Good on the NHL and Colin Campbell. Double standards are no good. I can appreciate Pronger's flying elbows in the playoffs (after all, he's truly got them down to an art) because anything goes in the playoffs and being willing to play a little dirty shows how much a player wants the Cup.

    However, while it's close to the post-season, it's still too early, and he got a little ahead of himself. And he wasn't even leading with an elbow this time. Sorry to keep bringing those up, but this is the first time I've heard that Chris Pronger has feet. Perhaps the league wasn't aware of them either and until they saw video evidence, they weren't ready to accuse a man of stomping with feet unless they were sure he had them. If he pulled out another pair of elbows? Well, then I wouldn't be surprised.

    (Just kidding. I didn't think Pronger deserved a suspension.)

    ADD: LMAO. It was the REPUTABLE poll!! It swayed their decision! 93%? You can't argue with that!

    (By the way, Vinny, I'm not picking on you. Just making a point that sometimes my faith in the NHL wavers and I start to think they really would take a second look at a possible suspension based on the results of a poll on their website.)

    Source(s): Guys, guys... Phaneuf is just a walking party:
  • Anonymous
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    Hi Bob,

    Could you please clarify that you are not talking about the user known as "Wings Fan." I was about to be amazed, not like him to be a compete homer. This "numa 1" though deserves a lecture by certain someone, if anyone ever did. Just wanted to let you know you had confused me till i had read down and saw she had posted.

    Thank You

    PS I amazed at any pro league would reopen a settled case like this one. To me it sets a dangerous precedent to go through and do. Yesterdays decision (right or wrong) should be end story. Now teams will be re-lobbying many many times. What will be next appealing a suspension on basis that it is not long enough.

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    I dont think so.

    And to say it is the same as the Simon case is bull-****. The simon case was a downed player and he came up to him and there is no argument even from him.

    In the pronger case Kesler was clearly trying to stay tangled up with pronger by holding his legs around Pronger's. Pronger has to rip his leg out and then he does kick/stomp at Kesler for the effort. I am not condoning it, but it is definately not a reprehensible act like some claim and I agree with Cdn24 it is a natural reaction and I dont see intent to harm.

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  • Rich
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    I've seen the video, and it sure looks to me like he did it intentionally. Now, I am not a Pronger fan, but my opinion is based on what I saw.

    It's true that we cannot know his intention --- but regardless, we can see what he did, and he unquestionably drove his skate into the leg of the other player. Whether he meant to do it to injure, there's little doubt he meant to do it. He didn't shake his leg, he stomped it, and whether he knew it was going to land right on the leg of the player, he can't claim he didn't know the player was there.

    As for your comments about the Wings and Pronger haters -- I think there are simply more of the first on this forum, and more of the second in general.

  • Vinny
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    I logged onto earlier today and the quick poll was

    Do you think Chris Pronger deserves a suspension? 93 % voted yes and 7% voted no. Pretty strong numbers eh?

    Lol, the poll shows that Pronger's a hated player nothing more. I dont really care for the suspension to be honest.

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    Well since it isn't my job to define or interpret the rules. It looks like they finally got it right. The first video was inconclusive (the new word in hockey videos) but the later clearer one indicates a true kicking motion. One of the old us-them distinctions was that Euros kicked North Americans didn't. This shows that North Americans have now picked up the European game.

    Now how long will Brian let them suspend him?

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    Pronger has done worse without getting a suspension, but whatever. He deserves a suspension for this as much as brashear got a suspension, and as much as Simon got his stomping suspension.

    It's cut and dry. He should get 3 games minimum. Because Pronger is a repeat offender, he should be penalized heavily to set a standard, but he's a big name layer and don't want him out of the game, sadly.

    The fact is, Pronger is a goon. he's a skilled goon, but he's a goon.

  • petre
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    4 years ago

    Do i think of Pronger deserved a suspension? definite and no. Did i assume he might get a suspension? definite. however none people can incredibly say no depend if or no longer the hit grew to become into intentional, I dont believe it grew to become into. in spite of the shown fact that, it grew to become into effectual to the pinnacle, and it ought to be punished regardless. i think of he merely has the downside in that section for being one among, if no longer the tallest men accessible. He delivered that arm up at his physique point, and had McAmmond been some inches taller, (or had his head up) i do no longer think of that hit might have been as undesirable. regrettably together with his past offense, all of us knew they had have their eyes on him. i'm no longer disillusioned over the suspension, observed it coming, yet I do think of that one interest grew to become into plenty. no longer that it incredibly might have mattered if it have been 2 video games... they're a solid, hungry team, and one guy is unlikely make or wreck that. we are going to win it at abode this nighttime, and that i could no longer be happier for them! i understand many hockey followers think of of the geese as a mickey mouse team, and a comic tale, and that i desire this opens some eyes to the reality that they're a great team. It in all probability wont, simply by fact some individuals are merely too close minded to believe that a team from SoCal could or could take abode the cup. yet I digress, i'm merely happy to verify them win, even with all the naysayers.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Good, Pronger is a dirty player anyway. He's a sissy. He never fights anyone big.

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