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How do we Protect our children from people like Obama's Pastor?

We as a people must stand up and rise against racisim, hatred & bigotry. We MUST protect our children and their minds and hearts against the haters of this world.

As I listened to the filth & garbage coming from the mouth of Obama's pastor I recalled the momories of Hitler, Stalin and other hate mongers who started "Hate-Talk" like this animal in Chicago.

WE must somehow reach out to Sen. Obama and educate him on the evils of his good friend who married him and baptised his children. Obama this EVIL must end NOW!!

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    Call Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and complain about the racism. They fight racism all the time. They will help us.

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    Oh please. How did so many black, brown, and red people, over so many past decades and centuries protect their children from the violence and ignorance? You raise your child to treat everyone with respect and you teach them to think for themselves. You also teach them the ways of the world & the truth is unless you and your children are ALL white males who look European without contest, then you're going to have to dig a bit deeper to teach them how the world will treat them and see them. That guy, Pastor Wright or whatever is NOT Barack Obama. This all is nothing like Hitler, Stalin & whoever else you incorrectly linked it to. It's more like what was done to President John F. Kennedy because he was Catholic. Wake up- don't keep your eyes wide shut all of your life.

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    Oh, come on!

    You would totally freak if you ever ended up in a southern baptist charismatic church (black or white)!

    It's like Wright on steroids.

    Frankly, what he said about 9/11 is exactly what Ron Paul says.

    Paul just says it in a nicer way.

    Wright has earned 8 degrees and is one of the best known black ministers.

    Why is this different than McCains guy who calls Catholics a false religion?

    I find his style offensive, but to each their own.

  • Chas
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    Explain to them the difference between evil and crazy. That dude lost my vote for what I thought was the best person black or white. I'll take an old hero over a evil pastor anyday

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    You can not be serious. Racism, like it or not, is a part of life. It happens in some form or fashion in every culture and every religion. Rather than protecting your children you need to teach them how to deal with it in a respectful manner. Don't be so naive!

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    Study people like Gandhi and MLK with your children. Help them understand the message and know that as soon as you say "I hate ________" (fill in the blank - a certain race, a certain gender, etc.), you are starting the chain of violence.

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    I would say don't watch him on TV (or people like him) when your children are in the room. Don't take them to places where people like Obama's pastor is speaking. But eventually, when your kids are grown, they will run into people like him. It will then be up to them whether or not they want to listen.

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    Frankly, he didn't say no big deal. Have you heard of Martin Luther Kings, jr.s 'Riverside Speech"? Way back in 1967. That was quite similar. And, believe me, our foreign policies and history aren't too "lily white" shall we say.

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    The opposite of Love isn't hate. Its indifference. If we all turn away from those who preach hate, they will no longer have any effect on us.

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    I am not voting for his pastor. I am voting for Obama. I like the fact that he passed legislation in Illinois insuring 150,000 people. I like the fact that his good judgement allowed him to speak out against an unjust and ill-advised war in Iraq when so many others, like Hillary supported it because it was the popular thing to do, regardless of whether it was wrong.

    Let's get back to real issues like Health Care and the War in Iraq

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