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Looking for good authors to read.?

I like Patricia Cornwell, Kay Hooper, Michael Conolly, Lisa Scottoline, the jack daniels series (can't think of the author ~ Bloody Mary was one of the books), things like that. A little romance (sex is always good), murder, thriller, suspence is always good too. Nothing like Dean Koontz, don't like super scary, true life, sci fi, western, or set in the 1800's...Running out of authors I like...need some new ones! Help!!


I do love Dr. Suess, but I read them to quickly and would still need more ideas ;-)

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    This is a list of mystery writers from the site below. At that site, you can find a list of titles for each of these authors.

    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, Margery Allingham, Linwood Barclay, M. C. Beaton, Steve Berry, Sandra Brown, Gwendoline Butler, Stella Cameron, Raymond Chandler, Lee Child, Mary Higgins Clark, Michael Connelly, Patricia Cornwall, Catherine Coulter, Robert Crais, Paul Doherty, Barry Eisler, Janet Evanovich, Joanne Fluke, Dick Francis, Margaret Frazer, Lisa Gardner, Anne George, Elizabeth George, Tess Gerritsen, Sue Grafton, Andrew Greeley, John Grisham, Dashiell Hammett, John Hart, Maddy Hunter, P. D. James, Faye Kellerman, Dean Koontz, Gordon Korman, Patricia Lewin, Ross MacDonald, Sharyn McCrumb, Ngaio Marsh, Brad Meltzer, Stuart Palmer, Robert B. Parker, James Patterson, Richard North Patterson, Ridley Pearson, Ellis Peters, Ian Rankin, J. D. Robb, Dorothy L. Sayers, Daniel Silva, Karin Slaughter, Alexander McCall Smith, Marilyn Todd, Peter Tremayne, Margaret Truman, Patricia Wentworth, and Steven White.

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    If sex, drugs, violence (the scandolous kind-Law and Order type), and drama interest you, Robert Cormier is your author. His books are sincere, touch your heart, and remain with you. The characters are so relatable that you feel like they are apart fo your life. My favorite of his books are We All Fall Down, and Tenderness, they touch such a strong cord that even though I read them 1 year and a haf ago, I still feel emotional and reminisce about these stories.


    p.s. they are based upon the lives of teenagers, so if you're an adult you may want to put yourself in the same mindset as when you were 17. lol

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    António Lobo Antunes

    Brett Easton Ellis

    Isabel Allende

    Margueritte Yourcenar

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    These authors are very similar to those (romantic suspense/thrillers):

    Tami Hoag

    Lisa Gardener

    Karin Slaughter

    Karen Rose

    Tess Gerritsen

    Sandra Brown

    Elizabeth Lowell

    Christiane Heggan

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    I down loaded 'Hell comes on the Wind' from 'cyber web Archive'. This replaced right into a surprising tale ; a sort of uncommon 'A could desire to examine' books. it extremely is loose TO acquire, TOO. What made this a large examine replaced into the actuality that the characters have been achievable and human. It replaced into as though 'I' have been there, in the story, and that i replaced into finding on at activities as they spread out. It made me desire to maintain turning the pages, and it replaced into by no ability uninteresting. analyzing this tale replaced into like observing a action picture; the imagery replaced into so astounding; a artwork of artwork. The plot replaced into consistently achievable and exiting, with a poignant ending. the author I did a superb activity in this historic experience. nonetheless this does not answer your question. a narrative has to bypass forward and by no ability decelerate, and the unpredicted in this tale replaced into consistently around the subsequent bend, it had a non-end thread of intrigue and exhilaration. The characters could desire to be good and the POV could desire to consistently be from one persons' perspective, so as that one individual and not a lot of people tell the story, so as that confusion can not ruin a sturdy tale. a good plot is a could desire to, and pink herrings could desire to abound. in this e book, the historic ingredient is overwhelmingly precise, yet concise, and that i found out plenty. This author has large expertise, and, for despite reason, he chosen to place this artwork loose to all on the information superhighway. maximum suitable needs...Lester

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    I highly recommend Magaret Atwood. Her books are very inspirational. Although some people do not like the mood of her books ant et cetera bust still, she's oustanding. I also love Jodi Picoult, but based on the authors that you listed, i don't know how much you'd like her books, but anyways she's one of my favorites. Also, books written by Lisa See are great too. But they are more pleasure-reading-like

    Right now I'm reading Peony In Love by Lisa See, you'd like it.

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    Try Clive Barker (read the liner notes--some of his stuff is really scary, some less so). Neil Gaiman is really, really good, supernatural but not really horror. Archer Mayer is a great mystery writer.

    You have no idea how thrilled I am that someone still reads....enjoy!

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    I would try Alice Hoffman. Also, check out 'The Time Traveler's Wife' by Audrey Niffenegger. It's her first/only book so far, but one of the best I've *ever* read.

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    Danielle Steele, V.C. Andrews & Anna J

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    go to homepage

    power search under reviews

    then under book type choose which type book looking for

    gives reviews for books a grade and how much sex was in it

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