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Asatruars who practice sword-fighting?

Can you recommend some sites or DVD's were I can learn about sword-fighting the viking way? Also if it is not to much trouble can you give me some site's for Asatru.


I have a sword I just want lessons.

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    I saw a DVD in a Bud K catalog one time, no guarantees though.

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    Look up a book by the name of Fectbuch I.33 Arma has a good site which covers it:

    The techniques given are very good and can be reasonably translated into Sword and Viking Shield technique, as Vikings used round shields, which were usually around 80 to 90cm in diameter. Good site for shield info:

    Your best bet is to join a reputable metal weapons re-enactment group. Depending on which country you're in, there's a few out there. I am a member of the Huscarls in Australia.

    I run the AET Website:

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    Swords: there's a book called The Viking Art of War you'd definitely want to look at. The SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) has a lot of people with Viking personae and no doubt many have researched the matter. You might want to check with your local group; if they don't have someone with the knowledge, they could probably point you in the right direction. Definitely join the following group (it's not an SCA one):

    My Asatru site is at

    there is a lot of info on it.

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    Depended on the sword and the culture. During wars sword scould be dished out many many at a time and were not always the best quality. I suspect that the Lord and Ladies of olde probably would have been happy to send the commoner armies out with just shields but that would probably be bad PR.

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    Ouch, sorry, I learnt mine in our medieval reenactment society, not online. Our president is quite a badass sowrdfighter and he trains us. Only the bastard won't show us any of the really dangerous stuff until we get full armors. :)

    Message me if you want and I can try and help you with some advice, but unfortunately I don't know any websites. I have a good e-book manual on medieval swordsmanship, though. If that's good enough for you (not strictly viking, I know). Mail me and I'll send it to you.

    Source(s): Medieval reenactment fighter for... lots of years :)
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    I'm giving this a star just because it's about sword-fighting, although I prefer to follow the way of the Samurai myself.

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    Seriously you should find yourself a re-enactment society and take lessons. Norse/Saxon blades are very different to the later styles, its much more a hacking weapon like the Norse/Saxon axe.

    This website has details:

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    Dude. you are awesome

    if you e-mail them they can help you along. Also SoCal Asatru yahoo group has some good resources.

    If you find some good stuff about Viking Sword play then PLEASE email me. (its one way to stay in shape)

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    answer: I'll leave it to my contacts here for good swordfighting links. You might hit some of the reproduction weapons sites or SCA ones.

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    Ymmo would be the one to ask on that one. :)

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