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Anonymous asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 1 decade ago

Rate my Fantasy Baseball Team?

This is a 12 team league with standard 5x5 Yahoo scoring. This draft was autopicked.

C - Jarrod Saltalamacchia

1B - Justin Morneau

2B - Howie Kendrick

SS - Jimmy Rollins

3B - Ryan Braun

OF - Hunter Pence, Chris Young, Jason Bay.

Util - Paul Konerko

Bench - Garret Anderson, Josh Willingham, Richie Sexson, Bengie Molina.

SP - Brandon Webb, James Shields, Phil Hughes, Dontrelle Willis, Jeremy Guthrie, Rich Harden.

RP - Manny Corpas, Matt Capps.

Please rate this team out of 10 and list suggestions to improve it. Thanks in advance!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Decent team. I don't really like what you got going in the OF, because personally I don't think Pence is going to be the real deal and Bay has a terrible average, which I think is too low to put up with his other mediocre numbers. If I were you, I would trade for another outfielder, someone like Corey Hart, who is a 5-tool player and will help you a lot. Pitching wise, I think you need another reliever, someone like Lyon that you can get cheap for a team that is going to win games. On a positive note, I like your starters and a lineup with Rollins and Braun is a lineup no fantasy team wants to see. I would give it about an 8 of 10, although if you make those changes, I see you at the top of your league.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would rate this team a 7. Looks like you have a solid infield and a decent catcher in a shallow position. Your outfield can use some work but there are always surprises on the waiver wire during the year, keep your eye on it. Your pitchers are not bad and could put up some numbers. Dont think you will get anything out of your bench and little out of your relief pitchers. With a 12 team league you have a decent shot.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Your offense is ******* good. Salty is very underated he had great stats last season as a backup catcher i just can imagine what he can a starter. But on offense i think you have too many speed guys...try using pence as trade bait for a decent pitcher. While your pitching staff is not that great webb is good, shields is decent..dont know if hell be the same as last aseason, hughes is a huger question mark as is willis, harden is a big injury prone. You really need to get another reliable a C.Wang or J.Maine. overall 7/10

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  • 1 decade ago

    The first girl doesn't know baseball, hasn't heard of ryan braun is rather absurd...

    But your is rather decent, nothing special amount them. You're closers are horrible.....those were the pick up scraps of last year.

    Rich Harden is gonna go down again (had him and haren last year, swear i would kill it), kendrick is injury prone, pence is eh...chris young has a pretty poor average...sexson seems to be declining....

    decent...could be surprised....i swear Benjie Molina is a catcher...why do you need two catchers?

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  • out of 100 (ten is too little) u get a 50. i never heard of ur catcher 3B and some of ur pitchers suck. an u haff too little OFs. srry!

    rate mine (out of 100) :

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