my 18 week ultrasound. its a boy! But WHAT is in this picture?! anybody tell what angle the tech is looking?

When I went to my 18 week ultrasound I was told that Im having a baby boy..the tech took this picture of his little "manhood" and here it is...i am just confused as to what angle i am looking at! where are the legs and little butt? what angle was this taken? any ideas??

our baby boy..18 weeks..Hunter Thompson Joseph due august 13, 2008

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    i can clearly see the scrotum and the penis

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    How Cute! I'm not an ultrasound tech but I think that the arrow on the left is the scrotum and the arrow on the right is the penis. His legs are open and the large rounded light colored area at the bottom of the picture is his abdomen. His head is not in the picture but if it were it would be down to the bottom right of the picture. You can not see his legs because the tech was focusing in on the genitals and this ultrasound is not 3D. Hope this helps.

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    Sorry cant pull it up from my work computer but when i get home ill take a look and see if i can help congrats by the way i go in a few weeks to see what im having as well

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  • Ok so the baby is upside down with its legs on top left side.

    Where the 2 arrows are the first one on left is showing you it's bottom and the second on is showing you it's penis. You can not see the testes but it is a boy.

    Then down to the bottom is it's tummy. You can't see the head in this photo.

    And it is DEFINITELY a boy.

    Oh, and I love his name.

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  • Franky
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    it's a picture taken from the side. The arrow to the far left is pointing to the testicles, the one on the right is pointing to the penis.

    also, the thing closest to the head area is actually the cord, the other long object is the leg (you can see the "twisted" look of the cord).

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    anyways let me tell you my doctor did ultrasounds everytime i went in for an appointment and told me throughout my whole pregnancy i was having a girl. when i said that i was having an all pink baby shower and to make sure during my sonogram i was having a girl he told me "its not like she is going to change sex during your pregnancy"

    you wouldn't believe that when i pushed my baby out, I GAVE BIRTH TO A BABY BOY.

    i was so happy cause he was healthy (and cause i wanted a boy from the beginning) but all i had at home was pink stuff, thank god for my family who went out the night my son was born and bought all blue stuff lol

    my advice to you is to get a 3d/4d ultrasound done when you are 20-22 weeks to make sure its a boy

    but just in case, i would def. def. buy neutral colored clothes

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  • The arrow on the left is pointing to the scrotum sack, the arrow on the right is pointing to the little penis. To the right of both arrows there are 2 little things sticking up, those are his legs. Congrats!!

  • xian
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    By the looks of it, it's his penis, butt and legs. My guess is that his legs are in the air (towards the top of your uterus) his butt is under that (you see it as the bulging bit that is pointing to the right) and the rest of him is out of the screenshot.

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    Looks like kind of a side angle of his rear end, with his legs tucked up to his chest :) Congrats!!

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    I know five people who had a baby that was not the sex they were told they were having.

    Really, it's a guide. You're PROBABLY having a boy. Don't set your heart on it.

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