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Are the Red Sox?

the new bandwagon team? I respect the life long fans, but it seems like there are a lot of people that have jump on the bandwagon. How do true Red Sox fans feel about these people?

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    Red Sox fans love to whine about how much money the Yankees spend but Boston has the 2nd highest payroll in the MLB. The Yankees fans were the most obnoxious in here at one time but now that that Boston has won a couple of World Series the Sox fans have taken annoying to another level.

    I'll never liked the Red Sox. I hate Boston, I hate the people that live there, I hate the terrible New England accent, I hate Fenway, I hate the Red Sox, I hate Clam Chowder, I hate the Patriots, I hate Sam Adams Lager, I hate the Celtics, I hate the Bruins, and The Departed sucked.

    Maybe ESPN will realize one day the rest of the country does not eat, sleep and breath Red Sox/Yankees.

    P.S. I've been to Fenway, it's a dump. It's time to tear down that fossil of a ballpark and build a new one.

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    Being a Yankee fan I think the Red Sox have acquired many bandwagon fans & I can't stand those kind of fans from any team, including the Yankees. The Red Sox have many loyal fans & I think they also have pet peeves about the bandwagon fans. Ask a bandwagon fan to tell you any Red Sox history prior to 2004 & see what their answer is. You root for your team win or lose & don't be a bandwagon fan, nobody likes those kind of fans & you are really annoying to others. I wish the Red Sox good luck this year & I hope the Yankees do well too.

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    I've been a true Red Sox fan for almost my whole life. I can honestly say that all the bandwagon fans the Red Sox have aquired because of their 2004 and 2007 WS championships are probably my numbe one "pet peeve". Real Red Sox fans know their team, their history, their players...and much more. Bandwagon Red Sox fans can tell you one thing: the Red Sox won the 2004 and 2007 World Series. When the bandwagon fans try to make it seem like they've been fans all along, I actually find it quite humorous. Otherwise, it's just annoying.

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    This is how I look at it. I've been a Red Sox fan since I was little. The people who are true fans- will continue to be true. The bandwagon fans will be true until they start losing which they eventually will. Do I want to see them lose? No. Will they? Most likely sooner or later. At that time the bandwagon jumpers will go onto the next team and so on. Does it bother me? A little but hey its life and part of the joy I get is knowing sooner or later, theyll be gone.

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    I think it's safe to say the Red Sox are gaining fans, but I wouldn't say they are all "bandwagon fans". There are probably thousands of fans that live in the Boston area, that for whatever reason didn't pay a lot of attention to the team until they started getting hot and winning the world series.

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    I'm not a Red Sox fan but if I were, it would annoy the hell out of me. Real fans of the Red Sox have seen their team go through some of the worst losses. Then you have these people that bought a brand new jersey right after game four of the 2004 World Series and claim they have been through it all.

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    I really don't believe there are many bandwagon fans in New England. Most New Englanders live and breathe the Sox, and always have. They have always been our favorite team despite some some stiff competition recently. Folks are either Sox fans, or they just aren't sports fans here.

    Bandwagoners? We're glad to have them. I'm amazed how many high fives I get when I wear my Sox hat around the country. They are just new Sox fans, soon to be lifelong fans.

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    I am gonna comment as I am a big Red Sox fan and I mean WICKED big fan. Been a fan since I was a kid and I am not a pink hat because I actually know my stuff about baseball when it comes to talking about it.

    I CAN'T STAND BANDWAGONERS at all, especially the ones that are only fans of the team when they are winning or because its the cool thing to do. I do not own any jerseys that have crystals on them or anything glittery on them and I would never own anything like that at all.

    I love how some of these girls wear heels to a game I mean come on really you wanna wear heels to a red sox game. Good luck running the bases in those things.

    I gotta give it to tito though he did a lot for us and I am happy to see ferrall back here helping us out again. I do miss tito though.

    Also it is not about how much the yankees spend every year it is about the fact that they have had some dirty players on their team and AROD was one of them.

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    Definately. There are SOOO many new fans. But like you said, there is a large base of real fans, thta have been their whole lives.

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    red sox SUCK


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