Are military recruiters honest?

My question recruiters pick one applicant over another?


I am an easy applicant..i came to them wanting to join..and the process is taking forever..i am awaiting approval from MEPS on a medical clearance letter which says im cool to recruiter was given the letter on January 24..he is clueless on me he doesnt give a damn..i know recruiters dont get paid anything extra or maybe they tired of waiting..I am trying to sign my life away and they making it hard!

Update 2:

I know you cant compare one branch over another because the individual person is different BUT..when i asked a Navy recruiter info he bugged me for weeks afterwards..i dont even think my AF recruiter knows my would think that he would stay in touch with me to make sure I still want to join..i have to call him!..

Update 3:

I know there is only so much my recruiter can do since i am waiting on an approval from MEPS BUT..he could call and check on the progress..I am not totally clueluss on whole family was in the military.There are things he can do..but no one in my family was in the Air Force

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    yes most recruiters are honest with the applicant however some just don't have people skills or don't want to be there as a recruiter you have to want to be where you are or you will fail and that is what leads to a recruiters dishonesty with his applicants. for miss jlo all i can say is that recruiter is not representitive of the military life or what the military expects from its recruiters. you can call his district supervisor and file a complaint.

    yes they will pick one over the other when it is close to the end of the month and they need bodies to make their quota. but also remember this when getting a medical waiver it can take as much as six months or longer to get it approved. But this is still no excuse for the recruiter not to keep you informed or at least to call you once a week just to say hi. as a recruiter i had several waiver that waited 4-6 months but i was always calling them and if i was in their area i would try to look them up.even when they went to boot camp i would call the parents just to let them know i was there if they needed anything. that philosophy made me a successful recruiter and respected to boot.

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    The vast majority of recruiters are honest. Do you expect a recruiter to start a conversation with a prospect stating what you listed? A lot of what you listed is either an exaggeration or an outright lie. I won't go over every single thing you enlisted but I can tell you I know of several people who left the military using Tuition Assistance and the GI Bill for college and got great jobs on the outside. This is the Internet age. Most people do their research prior to seeing recruiters anyway to confirm what they already know before they join. I also see that you forgot to mention that joining as an E-1 gets you more money than almost any other job you can get on the outside with only a high school diploma. Or that we have to pay ZERO dollars a month for Tricare, versus hundreds a month as a civilian to get medical insurance for our families. Or that I get money for college guaranteed, instead of having to take out college loans or hope I can get a scholarship. Have a nice day in your dreamworld.

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    To an extent, they expect you to understand what you are applying for, they try to tell you this is the armed forces not the boy scouts, they trust you to have done your own homework on the what's & why's. The problem is most people don't bother to check into anything or even understand what they are joining. Many feel they will be in speical ops when in reality a recruiter only may get you a shot at trying out if you even quilify for the try out. You may think you should be pioliting a sub 20000 legues under the sea but find out your a logistics clerk on a base somewhere. Do recruiters not really .....people are lazy and then they whin when they aren't splitting atoms somewhere.

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    Honest? The vast, vast majority of them, yes.

    Of course, some applicants don't listen very well, and believe they've been told or promised things they haven't. And some few recruiters do lie, and give all the rest a bad name in the process.

    And yes, some applicants are more desirable than others. "Uppers," for instance - those applicants in the upper 50% of ASVAB/AFQT scores - are always highly sought-after. Also, some applicants with the right combination of scores to fill whichever pipeline is currently the most in need are sought-after. The pipeline needs vary from month to month, so an applicant that's hot property this month might be lower priority next month. Also, any applicant with a clean enlistment package - i.e. no law enforecement problems, good grades, no health issues, all documentation in place, etc. - is always more desireable than one you have to work at to get qualified. Marginal candidates, whatever the reason for that status might be, always take back seat to qualified candidates.

    Source(s): Former Naval Recruiter
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    Stop calling him and most likely he will be hounding you. Once you sign the contract that's all some recruiters care about, as long as you fulfill your part and go off to boot camp that's all that matters to them because they got their contract for that month. Now if you backed out he would have to make up for that lost contract (if it's anything like recruiting for the Marines) so if he starts to worry that you might back out, then I bet he'd be showing you some attention.

    Not all recruiters are like that though, so you can't generalize them. Some are selfish and only care about numbers. Others, like my husband, actually care about who they're putting in the military because to him it doesn't only mean he makes mission for the month, it means he's sending these people off to fight with his brothers and wants to know they're fit for the job.

    Maybe he is a new recruiter still trying to find his groove. If not, I'd call and ask to speak to the boss in the office and see if anything can be done to get the ball rolling.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Proud wife of a USMC recruiter
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    My husband went to BCT about 5 weeks ago, and his recruiter was the worst ever. He 'forgot' to pick him up to go to MEPS...he waited 3 hours in the cold for this jerk off to pick him up, apparently he slept in. And now that my husband is at BCT, the recruiter has disconected his phone and wont return our phone calls! ( i am trying to get my ID card and he isnt helping) So, i would say NO, they are not honest.

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    Well untill MEPS approves your medicial clearance.

    He doesn't even know if you qualify for the AF.

    So of course he's not gonna waste alot of his time on you.

    He has recruits that have already qualified, to spend time on.

    Just what do you want him to do ?

    He doesn't control anything that happens at MEPS.

    He cannot make them approve your medical wavier faster.

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    ya there personal preferance can get in the way

    they may work on one persons paper work or wavers harder then another.

    if you feel you are having this issue go find a different recruiter

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    no more or less than any salesman selling anything! Usually a good product will sell itself, and the salesman doesn't have to lie to sell it!

    Source(s): Sgt of Marines '66-'72
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    Can't stand em'. They paint a pretty picture then disappear once you have signed your life away. Make all those promises and then poof! disappear! They prey on the young and very naive!

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