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Best ever Simpsons Quote?

You don't have to give me your fave because I know, there's far too many to choose from...but which ones made you laugh uncontrollably?

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    (Bart is crying over his dog running away)

    Homer: Well, crying isn't gonna bring him back. Unless your tears smell like dog food. So you can either sit there crying and eating can after can of dog food until your tears smell enough like dog food to make your dog come back…or you can go out there and find your dog.

    (Bart leaves to find dog)

    Homer: Rats! I almost had him eating dog food.

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    It was the episode where the Democrat and Republican presidential candidates had been replaced by aliens in disguise, and right before the voting, Homer unmasked them so everyone could see they were really space creatures.

    So one of them says "What are you gonna do about it? It's a two party system."

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    I don't know the exact wording, but Homer was trying, unsuccessfully, to blow out the candles on his birthday cake. Marge said something like, "That's okay, you're probably just exhausted from not doing anything all day long."

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    Sherry Bobbins: "Hello, I'm Sherry Bobbins."

    Homer: "Did you say Merry Poppins?"

    Sherry Bobbins: "NO! I'm an original creation like Monald Muck or RIcky Rouse."

    Source(s): "Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala (Annoyed Grunt) cious" Season 8 Episode 13
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    "Kids, you tried your best, and you failed miserably.

    The lesson is, never try."

    - Homer Simpson

    Bart: "I am through with working! Working is for chumps!"

    Homer: "Son, I'm proud of you. I was twice your age before I figured that out."

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    "What's a wedding? Webster's dictionary describes it as the act of removing weeds from one's garden."


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    "Inflammable means flammable? What a country!"

    "Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try."

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    "I've just given Pinchy a nice hot bath..."

    "Mmmm, I smell Lobster!"


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    "He's learning for free!"

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    butt man na na na na na na butt maaaaan!!!!!!

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