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is el paso a high crime town?

and it seems to have more places to work than people are giving it credit for am i right or do i need to look more closely?

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    Yes there is a high rate of crime there. As far as work; It depends on your ethnicity,and, or your finances. If you are White, you wouldn't work for the wages offered there. They can get Mexican labor cheaper. If you are White and rich, then you could go into business and hire Mexican labor cheaper then a White man would work for. I know, I lived and worked there for several months and was even told this by the residents.

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    Let me clear some things up. El Paso is ranked as one of the safest cities in the U.S. Its so safe it's boring. Like everywere else it has it's tougher neiborhoods. It is a border city but none of the crime ever spills over. Yes it does have a military base but for the most part its isolated from the rest of the city. The soldiers who do live in the houses within the city mostly have families and are very responsible.

    Source(s): I've lived there all my life
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    You can escape it a bit in the suburbs, but there's a lot BS from the border in El Paso. It being a huge military town just makes things worse.

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    Just drove THROUGH El Paso, when we were moving to Dallas. It took about 7 hrs. to drive to Dallas from El Paso, not familiar with that area at all......I can't imagine that El Paso would have more work opportunities than Houston, Dallas or Austin, though

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    El Paso is Texas' left armpit... There is a lot of crime. Close proximity to Juarez, Mexico where there is profound poverty helps confound this problem.

    It is a big city and there are available jobs, but You will suffer from severe culture shock if you move there from Dallas.

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    Never been but Iv'e heard from the news about it's corruption and high crime rate . Border towns are also hot spots for serial killers . I live in the Dallas area .

    Source(s): local news / biography channel ( documentary)
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    El Paso is a dump.....It actually stinks there....but the epeople who have never left that area dont even realize it.....

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