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Help with a movie title!!!?

I rented "No Reservations" the other night and one of the previews of a movie was about a man hunting serial killers and that is the movie I want the name of?

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    Try looking at this list of upcoming movies on MTV:

    I haven't rented No Reservations yet but there is a new movie coming out called Righteous Kill--two cops (Robert Deniro, Al Pacino) find themselves in pursuit of a serial killer who writes poems about the crime he just committed, leaving them at the scene.

    P.S.--Suspect Zero came out in 2004 but they may have advertised it along with No Reservations since Aaron Eckhart stars in both. Now you have sparked my curiosity. I'll have to go over to Blockbuster and rent the movie TODAY!.

    EDIT: I rented the movie and they advertised Get Smart with Steve Carell, The Seinfeld series on DVD, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Fool's Gold with Kate Hudson and Mathew Matthew McConaughey (looking for sunken treasure). No movie about a serial killer?? Are you sure it was that movie?

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    Suspect Zero, awesome movie

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    Schindler's List?

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    You shoudl give more details it could bee......,.

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