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what other techno/dance/trance/electronic might I like?

I like songs like Robin fox I see stars, oakenfold hypnotised, dave aude buttons to name a few, what other songs do you think I'd like?

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    Any of the Fabriclive series, features mixes of new artists, by great DJ's... Try miss kittin, DJ Tiesto, Maybe you would like some funky old Drum and Bass-For a cool Asian Indian Flavor, Check out La Tabla Beat Science...This world is so full of great stuff right now.

    I can tell you that the best DJ out is DJ Sasha-That is the all time greatest! Check out the Northern Exposure Collections, and mos def check out Involver...I have given you enough right here to blow your mind forever

    Rock out, with your C**K out!

    Source(s): experience, and many hours of listening to music
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    Forgot the critics my friend. Writing is a personal thing and it is your feelings and emotions you are expressing. I love your work because it is personal. I don't really care about perfect structure. Perfection is boring and over rated anyway. It's like a song played too perfectly. It is cold and impersonal. Give me a little sloppiness and emotion any day.

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