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How to avoid a missed abortion ? What care should be taken here ?

I was carrying 2months - gestational sac was 8 weeks

but the fetus was just 6 weeks with no heartbeat

It was a missed abortion - i read about what a missed abortion is - still the causes are not known , am 37years old

is there a chance of conceiveing a healthy baby , the first was also a misscarriage due to a luteal cyst haemmorhage

Depressed ! Had a D & E done , and Doc said try again after 3 months

What are the chances that i would conceive healthy again

Am planing to use preseed this time

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    I don't think you can really avoid having a missed abortion - its really just the same as having a miscarriage but your body doesn't expel the pregnancy like normal. Of course there is a chance that you will have a nice healthy baby this time - all you can do is try and eat right, take vitamins and rest if you need to - listen to your body. In most cases I believe that you lose your baby for a reason - which may not have anything to do with the next pregnancy. My friend had a healthy baby boy, then had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks (baby was only 6 weeks in size), she then had another normal miscarriage and is now 28 weeks pregnant with another healthy baby boy. All the best!

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    Your right it is called a missed abortion before a certain time.

    There is nothing you can do to avoid it happening again but to put your mind at rest I miscarried at 16 weeks last year and I am now 23 weeks and 5 days pregnant, I tell you this because I spoke to my midwife and asked her what my chances are of miscarrying again and I was advised that I ma no more likely to miscarry again that a woman who has never had a miscarriage.

    So there is a glimmer of light and some hope to work towards.

    Someone commented on your age and I wanted to tell you that I am the eldest of 6. My youngest brother being 3 and my mum is 44 years of age, I also have a colleague who turned 40 last year and is expecting her first baby in July, I think that in this day and age as long as your body is healthy and you remain healthy during your pregnancy then you have nothing to worry about.

    Make sure you take your pre pregnancy vitamins, cut out cigarettes/alcohol etc and eat healthily.

    It is likely that like me you will be treated as a high risk pregnancy with your next baby which means that you get the extra care. Where I come from I get an extra 2 scans and I also get to see a specialist consultant in between my midwife appointments, This has helped to put my mind at rest a lot.

    Good luck, I will be thinking of you and sending you wishes


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    Prevent Missed Abortion

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    Unfortunately, most of the time miscarriages occur for reasons beyond our control like chromosomal abnormalities. I'm sorry for your loss. There is still a very good chance of conceiving a healthy baby though -- most women who have one miscarriage go on to have healthy pregnancies/babies. My mom had 3 children at age 33, 36, and 39 and had a miscarriage before each of us -- so yeah it does happen. I've heard drinking caffeine can increase the risk of miscarriage, and other than that just of course make sure you're not smoking or drinking. If it happens again though, just know that it was most likely not anything you could prevent. But -- your chances of a healthy pregnancy are good, so don't get down! Good luck.

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  • a missed abortion?

    because of ur age, it probably would be harder for u to conceive without any problems. im not saying it cant happen coz ur not that old, but as u get older, it unfortunatly gets harder. the only thing u can do is try!

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    you mean a missed miscarriage... you cant really "miss" an abortion... you have to go to the doctor for that.

    but to avoid that the second you think you are pregnant... go see your doctor get on prenatals... stop drinking, smoking... anything that could harm the child.. and strenuous activity....

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