Coin Collecting tips please!?

1. What types of everyday American and Canadain change can I make money collecting?

2. Does it help to group it in a certain way?

3. What are some common rare coins to find this way?

4. Any thing else you can think of, please advise!


Todd Pease

I'm looking to sell them from my website to help generate traffic!

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    I've been a collector for years. In my mind, a really fun way to make some money and get started in collecting is searching through rolls. Go to the bank with some cash. Ask for rolls of coins, any type of coins will do. Look through the rolls for unusual, rare coins. Wheat or indian cents can still be found, old (pre 1960) nickels, silver dimes or quarters (pre 1965), or partially silver half dollars (pre 1970, 1964 are 90% silver). You may even find some really unusual stuff.

    When you are done looking thru the rolls, replace anything you've taken out and return them to the bank to get more!

    Anyway, its like gold mining. You pay face value for coins that are worth more than face value. Good hunting!

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    I am a numismatist not an investor but have done well. You need to know a lot before you can actually sell coins for a profit. You need to learn to grade coins for one thing. There are a number of error coins that you may find as well as some early cents. You need to get a Red Book a Guide to U.S. coins for it shows photos of most. Coins and Coinage magazines will help give you an idea of the coin business as well as the weekly coin magazines Coin World & Numismatic News. Hope this helps.

    Source(s): 48 years a numismatist
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    Firstly, please do not clean any coin unless you know what you are doing. By cleaning a coin you can reduce the value of a coin from $10,000 to nothing. Anyone that suggests that you clean a coin by any method isn't a real collector. Please go to a coin shop and see all of the different types of storage units that they have - personally, I use flips stored in a three ring page holder. My "coolest coin" is a 1793 1/2 copper cent of which there were just over 35,000 minted.

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    Try finding old rare pennies between 1930 and 1945.

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    if anyone can let me know about common rare coins I would be interested

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