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Wong asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

does anybody read Gospel according to sait matthew

i want to know more about Gospel according to sait matthew chapter 5-7

thank you

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    1 decade ago
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    Chapters 5 to 7 are sometimes called "Sermon on the Mount". We can see that Chapter 5 begins with Jesus and His disciples surrounded by "outsiders" (crowds) on a mountainside, where Jesus taught them a series of fundamental ideas, which were in sharp contrast with their old traditional beliefs. He also clarified His role on earth and the disciples' roles. Such ideas are essential for REAL FOLLOWERS of Christ, including today's Christians. (in Ch.8, they went down) So Jesus tells us:

    - what TRUE HAPPINESS (8 points) is;

    - that Christians should not hide (salt and light of the world);

    - that Jesus Himself comes to help people fulfill the Law (not abolish);

    - that various kinds of sins begin at one's heart before such bad things are

    "visible" (murder, adultery);

    - that we should choose "love" instead of "hatred & revenge" to respond

    to evil people (because the latter might easily tempt us to turn evil too!);

    - to care about God in heaven (who counts one's heart & sincerity, NOT

    one's superficial acts (so accumulate "treasure" in heaven, not pretend to

    be religious and pray or fast in public to gain ordinary people's praise);

    - to have faith in God, believe that He loves us, so need not worry, but do

    our best to keep ourselves stay with Him, and make the right-wise

    choice. (not a easy choice as it's like entering a "narrow gate", and

    building a house on a rock takes longer time and harder, but building

    one on sand is more comfortable but stupid!)

    Please read all 3 chapters carefully for more details.

    Source(s): interpretation is personal
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