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how do you say Cielo? like really detailed?

how can i say Cielo? please say sumthing quick, and i mean as in the italian word for sky. please message bak ASAP. please put lots of detail as i am dumb ^_^

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    In Italian pronounce chee- èh- loh (stress on the è)

    ci =sounds like in English "chee" of cheese

    è = rather open like "e" of eh ! (and accent on it)

    lo = loh ,like "lo" of lol

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    Cielo is spanish for heaven.

    Someone might refer to you as cielito, that is just an endearing way to say honey, my little sky, darling.

    EDIT: Nikolai, i didnt know in italian it meant the same =)

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    "Cie" approximately like "Che" in Chelsea but more open "e" (maybe halfway between e in "let" and in "lair"). It is the stressed syllable and should be pronounced half-long (not too long, not too short).¨

    The "l" is quite much like a British l-sound, but with the tongue slightly more flat (not the more "hollow" sound of English). Like in e g French or German, if you know their pronunciation.

    The "o" is a short, closed o-sound like (the longer sound) in British "lord". Make sure you make NO diphthong whatsoever (like you would do in British [cross-]bow). Just one, clean vowel sound!

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    It is Italian AND Spanish. In Italian, it is pronounced chee-el-oh. In Spanish, it is see-el-oh.

    Cielo means sky but can also mean heaven.

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    I would go with

    ci (as in the italian direct object or [chee as in cheese])

    el (like the english letter "L")

    o (as in "O" long sound)

    so when you say it fast it sorta sounds like the instrument the cello

    but more like ci - ehh - lo

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    Do you mean-- how do you pronounce the word "cielo"???

    It also means sky in Spanish... and this is how you pronounce it: "see-eh-low"

    Hope that helps :)

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    Yes, cielito lindo.

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