When I transfer shares from my one dmat account to another dmat account (with different broker) charges applic

will there be any charge for transfering shares from one dmat account to another dmat account (both are mine but with different brokers)

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    1 decade ago
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    You need to fill TIFD slip (transfer instruction for delivery), sign it and give it to your broker mentioning the following details.

    DP id and Client ID of both the accounts in from and to colums. ISIN number of that script (you can get the same on BSE and NSE sites or you can ask it to your broker).

    the charge will be Rs 25 + service tax per script (not the number of shares)

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    Hi Sumithra,

    The answer is: it depends. If you want to continue both the demat accounts, you will have to pay the charges as applicable. But if you want to close one demat account, you can transfer the shares for free. You can ask the DP about the procedure for the same.

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    on the time of beginning demat account with X economic business enterprise he could have given you a transaction slip e book ( like a cheque e book). Fill the important factors of your Y economic business enterprise in that transaction slip and sign and hand it over to the X economic business enterprise. If the signature is tallied then X economic business enterprise will circulate each and every of the shares indexed in the transaction slip on your Y demat account. The ISIN nos required to fill in this slip are obtainable in the Demat assertion of X economic business enterprise Demat account.the traditional term is 3 days.

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    No Charges, I have done so many times, but no charges.

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  • 1 decade ago

    yes there will be charges.

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