Does anyone know anyone living in Washington State (Pierce County) that is having trouble with?

the Shuttle because I am disabled and also am and am trying to put together a petition of some sorts.


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    1 decade ago
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    I’m not in Pierce County, but recently our “ACCESS” system required re-enrollment even when they just approved you, or they automatically cancelled you out! It’s enough of a pain to fill out all of the “required forms” each cycle that everyone wants to keep “proving” that you are “still disabled” and significantly poor enough to merit their “charity/help” without having to fill in and send extra paperwork, on short notice, to update their new changes/system!

    Here is the link to officially register complaints to the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission regarding unresolved transportation issues:

    “The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) receives informal complaints from consumers regarding issues they have been unable to resolve directly with their regulated utilities. These informal complaints are investigated by UTC staff and documented in a Consumer Contact System. Provided below is a list of complaints and alleged violations against utilities and transportation companies regulated by the UTC.”

    Good Luck & Peace Out!

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    Move to King County they have the best human services in the State from what I understand.

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