I am looking for an attorney in dallas county that can practice in harris county tx involving overserving alco

i am looking for an attorney in dallas county that practices in harris county texas for overserving a 21 year old cancer patient

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  • 1 decade ago
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    if the person is 21,and the server checked for ID....how are they sussposed to know that the individual has cancer? thats not there responsibilty. I am sorry that the person has cancer,but 21 is the drinking age,and its up to each person. If they werent showing signs of being drunk or dangerous,and were not trying to drive....then I dont think the law was being broken.

    Now if they were being forced to drink alchohol against there wishes...thats another story.

  • 3 years ago

    you do not continuously choose a criminal professional to document divorce. Uncontested divorces could be achieved by employing you, contested choose legal professionals. you will possibly prepare information, or have them arranged. document them on the courthouse and serve your substantial different. TX has a 60 day waiting era, so as which means you could desire to attend 60 days after submitting for divorce in the previous it's going to be finalized/criminal.

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