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How is it possible the 'Lobbying Disclosure Act 1995' happened before Obama and his 'CHANGE'?



the irony went right over their heads...egad

Update 2:

tiny_lil_hottie Yes I've noticed, maybe he is talking about changing his underwear to a thong..ha ha

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    oh it happened and if you have noticed Obama talks about change but never mentions what he is going to change or how he plans on getting this change to happen without being vetoed by the senate. He is a good public speaker...he could probably sell ice to eskimos but what has he really said? Change? We change everyday....its called aging

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    Obama wasn't a part of this act. He lead the Senate to pass the "Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act". This act severely limits the ways in which politicians can accept money from lobbyists, and forces lobbyists to disclose all donations. This is the major lobbyist reform that he speaks about.

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    heap all the DIRT you can find, my friend...

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    obama 08

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