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I have been thinking that I could I be pregnant, so every little ach I get I think its a "sighn"...?

Do you think that this could be a sighn that I could or could not be pregnant?

- Well my feet have been falling asleep so easily. It happens like 7 times a day.

- My knees have been locking up and hurting when I walk.

- I keep getting a burn feeling in my bladder area. (kinda like a bladder infection)

- which leads me to the question is a bladder infection a sighn of early pregnancy?

I know I just need to suck it up and wait for the right time to take a test. But it is driving me crazy not knowing.

also I was wondering what should your CM be like during pregnancy. Thanks!

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    None of that sounds like pregnancy. Just wait until you are a few days late and take the test.

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    Wait until you miss Ur pd then test with a home preg test!

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    well your pregant

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