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my cat is acting as if she is on acid or somthing?

she keeps looking in circles and her eyes are huge and her pupils are dilated her and my oldest male cat are doing this 2 of my 6 cats are doing this so i dont know if that means anything or not but its freaking me out


and they have been doing this since early this morning so its been like 11 hours straight

Update 2:

have you guys ever seen someone one acid or shrooms thats what my cats are acting llike but they are happy and dont look sick

Update 3:

they are happy but not when they get together but they are bth doing the same thing looking in circles eyes huge but they dont look hurt in any way they just look relaxed

Update 4:

if theirs a way to put up a video i will u just got to let me know how

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  • lizzy
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    Did you put any flea products on them recently? Treat the house for bugs? Use any new cleaning products? Can they get to where household chemicals are stored, like under sinks or in the garage? Have they been chewing on houseplants? I agree that it could be a toxin of some sort especially if it happened suddenly and more than one is affected. Delays in starting treatment does affect outcome in toxin/poisoning cases, so I agree-vet tonight to be safe!

  • Nada R
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    First I would wonder if they have gotten into something. If they are indoor cats, check their areas and see if there is something they have gotten into. If they have, take the proper measures.

    If you dont find something look at their body language. Are the ears up or down? Are the tails fighting fluffed or up or down? Twitching end or swishing of the whole tail?

    Ears up: alert and listening, ready for play

    Ears down: angry, fearful

    Tail tip twitching: irritated, or thinking

    Tail fighting fluffed: scared and ready to fight

    Tail swishing: looking for play

    Tail straight out and stiff: found a target to pounce

    If it is only 2 they could be ready to play together.

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    Are they jumping and playing with each other? This sounds like what my cat does.. his pupils get all wide, and he does strange stop-start running where he'll tear off in one direction and then suddenly stop and literally mosey off casually into another direction before whipping his head around and pouncing wildly on a bit of lint and on and on and on it goes. He isn't friendly like usual and definetly doesnt want to cuddle or play with his usual toys.. Once, he ran into a cupboard in this 'state' and cut his nose! I think it's excess energy working itself off. Mr Meow does it all the time. I wouldnt be surprised if your cats were just feeding off each other's high-energy state.

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    If you are high, then they will be alright when you sober up. If you aren't high, then sounds like a vet needs to see them. When I was a kid, I had two kittens drink antifreeze, and they acted drunk. We thought it was funny at first, but then realized they were poisoned. Even with the vet's help they died.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Is there any chance they have been poisoned ?

    Do they go outside or could they have eaten something in your house ?

    I would not leave this till the morning....they could both be dead by then.

    Phone a vet NOW for advice

    Fingers crossed everything is ok xxx

  • 1 decade ago

    Sounds like they got into some sort of toxin, go to your local ER vet now! It could be life threatening and not make it until morning.

    Source(s): vet tech
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