I want to start a new career on Mass Effect and keep current stats?

I just downloaded the new content for Mass Effect.The thing I want to do is to start the new mission with my current stats and equipment setup.If I load the last save,which is where I did my final battle with Saren,it just continues as it did the first time,with me finishing the game and going to credits.I dont want to have to start from an earlier save thats not set up as I am at my last save.At the very least,maybe i can start a new career and still have those stats.Is any of this possible?I'd be grateful for any useful information in this.

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    It's absolutely possible. There are many benefits to replaying a career after you finish.

    If you go to "start new career", you will eventually get to a new menu that has three options (there were only two before you beat the game). The third option will be "Select Existing ID". Choosing this will allow you to start the game over with the stats and equipment that you had when you finished the game.

    The only thing is that you will have to reallocate your squadmate's talent points when you meet them (but they are still at your level and have all the TPs, they just haven't been assigned). Your squad's loadouts are moved into your inventory and you can give them back their equipment when they join your party.

    The talent achievements are not playthrough specific, so if you used a talent quite a bit one time through (but not enough to trigger the achievement), you could get the achievement early on in the new game. Also, you really can't get to level 60 (and earn the corresponding achievement) without multiple playthroughs. Finally, the higher your level is when you beat the new mission, the better your reward. I've beaten the new mission twice, one with a low 50s character, the other maxed out at level 60, and gotten Colossus X armor both times.

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