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Who earned more metals in Vietnam John McCain or John Kerry?


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    navy cross

    legion of merit

    bronze star

    purple heart

    distinguished flying cross

    prisoner of war medal

    national defense service medal

    vietnam service medal

    vietnam campaign medal


    Silver Star

    Bronze Star

    Purple Heart (3)

    So McCain is your answer.

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    McCain is a hero - more medals for what they're worth.

    Kerry was not - although he did get his "million dollar wound" and third purple heart for a scratch on the ankle.

    The REAL heroes don't talk about medals, or their Wars, for that matter. Those who want you to think they were super soldiers brag about things they claim to have been involved with when they were probably behind a counter at a PX.

    Source(s): Dies Irae
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    I never understood why Yahoo allows this type of question.

    It is obviously not a sincere question of history. It is a political cheap shot.

    Why don't you ask about the History of the Purple Heart, Who were the Brown Water Navy or what was the Hanoi Hilton?

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    McCain, he was a Pow and was tortured! Kerry is a coward

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    McCain, Kerry was a pathetic war "hero"!!

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    Who cares?

    BTW, they're "medals" not "metals".

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