What swear word tdoes the Leapfrog Alphabet Pal say?

I just watched a video with a concerned consumer. It seems that everytime you push down the two last yellow boots on this caterpillar it says a swear word...they bleeped the word and I was wondering if anyone knew what word it was...I don't know why, but this is driving me crazy.

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    i actually think iknow what u are talking about

    my second cousin had 1

    it sounds like the f word but i believe it says bach

    thats if its the caterpillar that plays music

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    Leapfrog Alphabet

  • 4 years ago

    They do have meanings. Lots of meanings and lots of connotations. They are useful words in the right situation. Those being: to express or invoke emotion, to create shock value, to make a statement sound hilarious. Considering the fact that you are at a level in school that forbids swearing, they are probably being used primarily for the second reason. And that is simply immature. You shouldn't use them in school because it's disrespectful to the adults, the fellow students, and the entire establishment. And you should care because respect is vital to social success. Meaning: you will have more friends and influence if you are respectful of everyone. So use swear words only when it is truly meaningful and appropriate. I don't know why adults have such a hard time explaining this. They would rather just say, "No! Because I said so."

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    We have this toy, and some friends and I have tried the obvious ones before, but the toy is programmed to giggle and say, "That tickles," if a swear word is generated.

    After watching the news report a few times, I could tell he was pushing "F", and then "J". The "F" produces a "Fuh" sound, and the "J", a "Juh". However, with the poor sound quality and the break in the middle, it sounds like, "F--- you."

    However, it seems that you have to already know the phrase and be listening for it. It is highly doubtful that a toddler would pick this up and start repeating it.

    Source(s): Personal research.
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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't know what the word was they were saying in the video...and that may also have been answered by another poster. I'll go back and watch the video again to see if you can make out which buttons were pressed.

    But the newer caterpillars have the "Tickle Me" feature in which the caterpillar will giggle and say "That tickles" when you try to make it say a curse word.

  • 1 decade ago

    I saw the news item and I was tried to see what my seemingly honest toy would do...

    If you push letter F it pronounces it, then U it prounces that too, then a C, it giggles saying 'That tickles'... which is good as you would think it doesn't say the offending word...and then.... it pronouces the last letter!!... without you having pushed it!... It actually completes the foul word for you?!!! I tried a few others and it does the same!!

  • it looked as if he pressed f u

    gues the rest

  • 4 years ago

    F, F you, the racist N word

  • 1 decade ago


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