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PLSE is something in my house with me?

It's a v old house. I moved in 2 weeks ago because of my new job and i'm on my own. I keep hearing noises, and twice I felt a cold sensation in the back passage and saw a figure in the doorway.

At night all i can hear is a voice whispering 'we'll be together soon' so i'm too scared too sleep.

Today the books were falling off the shelf, right in front of me. They landed 3 ft away. I don't want to pick them up in case they start jumping off again. My cat hissed and ran out the window and hasn't come back. Then the tv swayed like someone was trying to push it over and all the channels were changing.

now the lights are switching on and off and my phone won't work and i'm scared and i've got my laptop til the battery goes. Plse - what should i do? do I need an excerism? where do i get it? plse plse help


I just found out from my neighbour - and what she told me freaked me out - she said my house was built on ancient indian casino ground. I'm getting out right away before my chips are down...

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    You have a troll.............. TROLL ALERT!

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    I can solve every problem you have :

    Noises/voices > stop talking

    Cold sensation > shut the door

    Books > quit knocking them off the shelf

    Cat > Quit scaring it

    TV > quit pushing it around and flipping channels

    Lights > Stop flickering the lights ( runs up electric bill )

    Phone > Pay deposit, phone company WILL install

    Laptop > Charge the battery

    Exorcism > I think NOT

    P.S. Figure in the doorway was your neighbor who is mad for gambling all of their money away and they are hinting for you to loan them some money, that's why they told you your house was on an Indian Casino.

    Love the story by the way HOWEVER, you are no Steven King....( Atleast not yet, but your working your way there )

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    What you are describing is not unusual to me or anyone who is involved in the occult or a deliverance ministry. these are signs of demon infestation or that someone is trying to scare you really bad. If you really want to be free then you should see the pastor especially of a church that believes in the Holy Spirit.Pray earnestly about this and ask the Lord Jesus Christ to show you where to go. He will know what to do. For the meantime i think you should stay away from that house before you come to any harm. Again i am truly sorry to hear of your situation.


    Try find out some history about the house it is likely that there was some things that happened there that could have been an after effect causing this or that the persons who inhabited the place before you were in occultism and dedicated it to the devil.....making it a home for demons.

    here are some useful books

    He came to set the captives free

    Unbroken curses

    Prepare for war

    Becoming a vessel of honour by Rebbecca Brown Yoder

    all the best

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    If you are a Born Again Holy Spirit filled Christian,you have the power of Protection. Plead the Blood of Jesus.

    You say,I cover myself and my house with the Blood of Jesus and in the Name of Jesus I command you demons to leave this house and never to return. They must flee in the Name and Blood of Jesus. Call in a Deliverance team from a Pentecostal Church,or a Holy Spirit filled church. If your not a spirit filled Christian,get out fast. Call in a Deliverance team

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    You need professional help. Seriously. No, I don't mean a priest, I mean a psychiatrist. At first I thought you might have a stalker, but afyer reading about the books and TV I knew it wasn't that.

    Get help.

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    i would be freaked out if out where you. i think there is something going on. If your scared pray to God to keep you safe and to get rid of anything that is in there. Believe and have faith and it will happen. But if you dont want to try that, move to a different home.

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    Oh Jeez! Are you serious? Or is this a joke? If your serious, by best advice, is run like hell and don't look back. For real. I would get outta there with the quickness.

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    Try the Psychology or Mental Health Section.

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    Call the guys that investigate this stuff. They have a show on A&E or something like that.

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    Just get out of the place for now, stay out until day break then ...

    I have no idea what you need to do then :(

    Id move if I was you...

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