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is it worth it to study dentistry and be a dentist in uk?

i mean is the dentist rich as in usa?

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    Have to agree, dentists are really hard to get in this country and getting worse.

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    I don't know compared to the US but I do know that the answer is YES!! For several reasons...

    1. The NHS dentist service is dying out is almost impossible to get an NHS dentist and if you do, they are not good!! I've learned from experience here!

    2. Dentists are in short supply...its difficult to go to a private dentist now too!

    3. They can charge soooo much money! I started going to a private dentist and I was charged £30 for x-rays, £40 for an initial check-up and then each check-up is £35! And you have to go every 6 months!

    4. If you want to be an orthodontist, braces now cost £3,500 in the UK. The NHS list is so long that they have to turn a lot of people who need braces down (like me!) so i'm going private and its a ridiculous amount of money!!

    Good luck!

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    Nope. I wouldn't do it. (Actually i am currently doing it) But if you can study in the US and work there then stay where you are...a heck of a lot better wages!! Unless you're a private dentist in the UK you won't be earning that much.

    I'm going into private practice mainly because the standard of people's hygiene in the privae sector is better and therefore you're not wasting your time on people who aren't going to look after the work you have just done.

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    1. Every human being is born with their own teeth.

    2. Every person having their own teeth wishes to keep their own teeth (therefore maintenance is important).

    3. Every person wishing to make a good impression wants to have a nice set of teeth visible when they smile or open their mouth (vanity).

    4. Every person likes to eat what they want to eat (dentures are not easy to use to eat chewy tough stuff).

    5. With a population of 60 milllion (in a few years) in the UK, it is a safe bet that eveyone of them will want their teeth looked at, at least every other year = 30,000,000 patients per year.

    6. So yes, with a captive increasing market (well most people can't fly abroad) and with most people getting an infected tooth at some point, it is definately worth becoming a dentist in any country.

    7. I wish I had thought of becoming a dentist, instead of a problem solving technical project manager.. - yep I can solve any problem.

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    Yup..but please do not do dentistry for financial gain, too many people do this and in my opinion this one of the reasons why standards in the UK are equivalent to a 3rd world country.

    If you want to be a dentist do it because:

    1) You like meeting and helping people.

    2) You like problem solving.

    3) You like variation in your job.

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    You might want to ask your dentist if you can do a job shadow for a day. My boss does it whenever someone asks. You can learn what the job is actually like. Hopefully you'll get a chance to ask questions as well. Good luck =)

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    I would go for holistic / alternative dentistry-its going to catch on big time some day-

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    i never been to a English dentist,go for it,not racist, not a profession we seem to want to take up, lots of money to be made

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    It certainly would be worth it at the rates they charge.

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    it certainly would

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