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i love doo wop.Any type of 50's music.?

i would like for anybody to give me some good artist

thank you.


i love it.all types.i need some artist names or groups :] thank you.

Update 2:

i also like psychobilly and rockabilly.Need some artist please:D

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    Danny & The Juniors - At The Hop

    Danny & The Juniors – Rock and Roll is Here to Stay

    Dion - Donna The Prima Donna

    Dion - Love Came To Me

    Dion - Runaround Sue

    Dion & The Belmonts - A Teenager In Love

    Dion & The Belmonts - I Wonder Why

    Dion & The Belmonts - Little Diane

    Dion & The Belmonts – That’s My Desire

    Dion & The Belmonts - Where Or When

    Frankie & The Knockouts - Darling Loraine

    Nathaniel Mayer & The Fabulous Twilights - Village Of Love

    Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones - Black Slacks

    Lee Andrews & The Hearts - Long Lonely Nights

    Lee Andrews & The Hearts - Teardrops

    Lee Andrews & The Hearts - Try The Impossible

    Phil Phillips & The Twilights - Sea Of Love (the original version)

    The Cadillacs - Gloria

    The Cadillacs - Speedo

    The Capris - Morse Code Of Love

    The Capris - There's A Moon Out Tonight

    The Charts - Deserie

    The Cleftones - Little Girl of Mine

    The Cleftones - Lover Boy

    The Cleftones - Heart and Soul

    The Clovers - Love Potion No.9

    The Coasters - Charlie Brown

    The Coasters - Poison Ivy

    The Coasters - Searchin'

    The Corsairs - Smokey Places

    The Crescendos - Oh Julie

    The Crests - Six Nights A Week

    The Crests - Sixteen Candles

    The Crests - Step By Step

    The Crests - The Angels Listened In

    The Crests - Trouble In Paradise

    The Crows - Gee

    The Danleers - One Summer Night

    The Dells - Oh What A Night

    The Diablos (with Nolan Strong) - The Wind

    The Diamonds - Little Darlin' (one of my all time favs)

    The Diamonds - Silhouettes

    The Diamonds - The Stroll

    The Dubs - Chapel Of Dreams

    The Dubs - Could This Be Magic

    The Dell-Vikings - Come Go With Me

    The Dell-Vikings - Whispering Bells

    The Earls - Remember Then

    The Earls - Never

    The Edsels - Rama Lama Ding Dong

    The Elegants - Little Star

    The Fiestas - So Fine

    The Fireflies - You Were Mine

    The Five Satins - (I Remember) In the Still of the Night

    The Five Satins - To The Aisle

    The Flamingos - I Only Have Eyes For You

    The Flamingos - I'll Be Home

    The Flamingos - Lovers Never Say Goodbye

    The Flamingos - Nobody Loves Me Like You Do

    The Flares - Foot Stomping - Part 1

    The G-Clefs - I Understand (Just How You Feel)

    The Halos - Nag

    The Harptones - A Sunday Kind of Love

    The Harptones - Life Is But A Dream

    The Heartbeats - A Thound Miles Away

    The Impalas - Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)

    The Jive Five - My True Story

    The Jive Five - What Time Is It

    The Jarmels - A Little Bit of Soap

    The Majors - A Wonderful Dream

    The Marcels - Blue Moon

    The Marcels - Heartaches

    The Monotones – Who Wrote the Book of Love

    The Moonglows - Sincerely

    The Nutmegs - Story Untold

    The Olympics - Big Boy Pete

    The Olympics - Shimmy Like Kate

    The Olympics - The Bounce

    The Olympics - Western Movies

    The Mello-Kings - Tonite, Tonite

    The Mystics - Hushabye

    The Penguins - Earth Angel

    The Penguins - Hey Senorita

    The Pentagons - To Be Loved (Forever)

    The Quotations - Imagination

    The Rays - Silhouettes

    The Regents - Barbara Ann (the original)

    The Rivieras - Moonlight Cocktails

    The Safaris - Image of a Girl

    The Schoolboys - Please Say You Want Me

    The Searchers - Needles And Pins

    The Shields - You Cheated

    The Silhouettes - Get A Job

    The Skyliners - Since I Don't Have You

    The Skyliners - This I Swear

    The Spaniels - Goodnite Sweetheart, Goodnite

    The Stereos - I Really Love You

    The Stereos - The Big Knock

    The Students - Every Day Of The Week

    The Students - I'm So Young

    The Teen Queens - Eddie My Love

    The Tune Weavers - Happy, Happy Birthday Baby

    Thurston Harris - Little Bitty Pretty One

    The Videos - Trickle Trickle

    The Volumes - I Love You

    If you want to see a much longer list of mostly 50s & 60s oldies of all genre’, you may go a previous answer of mine that is about 4/5 down the page at:;_ylt=Ah2eu...

    Also, check out the following link for oldies by year (and lyrics for many) from 1930 to 1999 and how they fared on the Billboard Charts. Any songs that peaked on the charts from the #1 position to the #5 position (denoted to the right of the song) for any particular year may be worth downloading.

    You may also want to get a copy of the Dave Marsh’s 1989 earlier referenced book, ‘The Heart of Rock and Soul, The 1001 Greatest Singles Ever Made.’

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    There were hundreds of them. The more popular were The Platters, The Uptones, The Impalas, The Five Satins, The Chiffons, The Coasters, The Alley Cats, The Chantels, The El Dorados, The Reflections. It goes on and on.

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