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Satanism as Satanists see it?

I know what the world views as "Satanism" but what do actual Satanists view as Satanism?

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    Some believe the "Satan" was a name given to a much older god. The one that actually did create life. Xianity plagarized much older religions, forced others to convert or die, then destroyed the evidence of the occult knwledge given to man by Satan, or Lucifer. This knowledge was to help mankind elevate thenselves spiritually to the point of being gods themselves.

    There are some Satanists who don't believe in any of sort of diety at all. They usually follow the works of Lavey and are basically atheistic in their belief system. They worship themselves as being gods already, and their motto is something akin to "do what though wilt, shall be the whole of the law". They also teach a healthy dose of responsibility to go along with their doctrine, pointing out that it is only favorable to be responsible to others who are responsible for themselves.

    "Devil" worship is usually practiced by fools and posers, A handfull of pissed off Xians who don't know anything except what they've been taught by the bible, and because they don't like god anymore, choose to do the opposite of what the bible says. Real Satanists despise these types of people because they really give us a bad name.

    We teach that we are Natural beings, and as such, should do what comes naturally.

    We teach that all the seven deadly sins are falsehoods, as they all lead to mental, emotional, or physical gratification. I could explain this in detail if I have to.

    We also teach responsibility, that we are responsible for our own lives.

    We teach that animals and children are sacred, as they are Natural in the most complete sense as they have not been sullied by the likes of preconceptions.or interference from humans in an animals case.

    We teach to love completely they whom deserve our love,and to hate they who would wish us ill, for then love and hate won't become watered down, by trying to love everyone, even people that do rotten things.

    We teach to learn all we can about our natural world, to learn history and symbolism, so that we can better connect to Nature.

    We teach an understanding of all the forces of Nature, and how to balance those forces within ourselves.

    We show that self-preservation is the highest law, as if you cannot preserve yourself, then how you can preserve anything?

    And we show how to ritualize our emotions into magickal workings, to accomplish something that would otherwise be unchangeable, and to rid ourselves of emotions that if held in could destroy us.

    We frown upon drug use, as that makes a person less efective as a magician and a human being in general.

    I could write a book but not here.

    Feel free to shoot me an e-mail!

    Source(s): Your friendly nieghborhood Satanist:)
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    Oh for heaven's sake, some of the answers here...


    Ok. While there are several groups referring to themselves as "Satanists," the most common one, and the one I've run into most often in real life, are LaVey-type Satanists, or Church of Satan. So. First of all, Satanists do not in fact worship Satan. They are atheists; they don't believe in the dichotomy of God and Satan. "Satan" is a representation of individualism, of refusing to acknowledge any authority higher than oneself.

    Essentially, it's a philosophy, and one that's a reaction against the philosophies and beliefs espoused by the Judeo-Christian traditions. Call it "enlightened self-interest," combined with a striving for excellence, as opposed to the virtues of humility and putting others first that many other traditions endorse.

    If you want to get a quick look at what Satanists believe, hop over to - click on the link that says "Theory - Practice," and read The Nine Satanic Statements, The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth, and The Nine Satanic Sins. For a little more detailed information, glance through ; for even more, read The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey. That will also explain more about the magic practiced in Satanism.

    I don't agree with many aspects of Satanic philosophy, and I don't consider myself a Satanist. However, they're not a force of evil, they're not uncontrolled loose cannons, they don't worship a "loser" or any sort of mystical being, and they certainly don't sacrifice animals or babies or any of the other lurid things they've been accused of in the past. All of the Satanists I've met have been mature, civilized, essentially decent people - no one you'd want to push around, but perfectly willing to be respectful and even kind so long as the same respect is offered in return.

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    There are different kinds of satanists.

    There are the kind that embraces evil.

    The kind who view the abrahamic god as evil.

    The most common kind are actually atheists who follow the teachings of Anton Levy (He is the one who wrote the satanic bible)

    There may be more. These are the kinds I have heard.

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    Theistic Satanism does exist, but yeah, generally Satanists are of the variety you discuss. People say Satanists are evil because "Satan" is in the name, lol.

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    What Satanists view as Satanism is what Satan, as the father of lies, wants them to view.

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    Read about Anton Levey. It will answer just about any question you have on Satanism.

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    According to some satanist on the "History Channel" they don;t believe in God or the devil. They just believe in giving yourself to your sinful nature and not fighting it at all. They think that sense we are naturally this way why fight it.

    Pretty twisted if you ask me. Although it may start out just giving yourself up to your own sinful passions of lust and such it can get really scary when you start having feelings of killing someone, or worse.

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    Coming on Yahoo answers to the R&S section.

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    Oh, you could read Anton Levey's (sp?) book..but don't buy it get it from a library.

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    not good

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